I have come to the realization that gone are the days of putting my thoughts together leisurely and editing them until I’m content with a blog post. I will be thinking about something and wanting to write about it, but when I get the time to do it I’m too tired or just don’t care about the topic anymore. I figure that the next few months at least may be random thoughts jumbled together and thrown up on the page.

Like this: I read my reader when I’m nursing, which is often, and I don’t care as much about the work blog (I used to love) anymore and have been searching for blogs on topics such as natural parenting. I’m happiest when holding the baby and so is she. You can find us most often cuddled together in the rocking chair or in the moby if I need to get something done, but cleaning the house (sadly) is difficult to get done completely. It takes a lot of effort to do the laundry or even pick up because have you ever noticed how often you bend over while cleaning?? There will be days when I set the baby aside and try to be as productive as possible, but those days mostly end in frustration for both of us. I tell myself on those days that it won’t be like this forever. She will grow up and be distracted by toys and eventually be able to help clean up. :o)

We are still co-sleeping. If I am not next to her she scoots until she finds me. I wonder how long we will keep this up and how sad I will be when she moves to her crib. Parenting is definitely different this time around. I enjoy staying at home, I’m not as hard on myself and I’m not trying to live up to anyone else’s expectations.

We are still trying to decide things like countertops and hardwood floors and I feel as if I am losing this battle. The want/need balance and our discussions are about more than just hickory or gunstock, but being happy with crap. (my opinion of course) Could you be content with crap? Could you be content with crap if you could have picked better? Hmm…

These are the random thoughts of today. They will most likely be the same tomorrow. I often find myself wishing I could talk to an expert. Or wishing I could talk to someone about something who is knowledgeable, but unbiased. Is there such a person?