We started out this morning at Wal-Mart getting the few items that we forgot; we always forget at least one thing. We then headed to this certain trail we have ventured to before which has a bridge and a waterfall. It is actually pretty short, but Jason kept taking us on these side trails.

I remember the last time we were here with the kids. They didn’t know Jason too well and it was the first time we all met his parents and sister. I had met them once before, but this was the first time they met the kids and the kids met them. It was nice, but this time was better.

This time the kids were older and we’ve been hangin’ out with Jason for almost a year and a half. Noah and Jason threw rocks in the water excitedly and Nora held tight to Jason’s hand to keep from falling as we walked the trail.

At first Nora would barely walk saying she wanted Jason to hold her, but Jason and I just kept encouraging her to keep walking. You can tell she doesn’t get out much. lol By the end of the trail she was walking over huge sticks and saying how well she was doing. We told them about the turkeys we saw at the campground (but not this time) and Nora was telling us to be careful because the chickens were gonna get us! The WHOLE time we were walking she kept going on and on about these chickens and how Jason would cut them and she would throw them in the garbage, so they wouldn’t get us. It’s so funny to hear them talk about things they don’t really know anything about. The stuff that comes out of their mouths!

I just loved finding sprouts of new life in hidden places and mushrooms that look like Mario’s Toadstools! There were flowers that littered the ground like a flower girl had thrown them from her basket, which had my mind buzzing with ideas! You can tell what I’ve got on my mind…

One of the last side trips that Jason had us take was to a couple of wires that stretch across the river. Here are a few pics.

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