31 Days of Life with Four Kids: Day 13

Today is Noah’s Birthday party! His actual birthday is Tuesday and he will be 10!

I was preparing the ice cream part of the ice cream cake last night and had this conversation with Lorelei:

L: What’cha makin’ mama?
D: I’m starting the ice cream cake.
L: What’s ice cream cake?
D: It’s for Noah’s birthday cake tomorrow.
L: Oh! Noah’s birthday? And my birthday and Nora’s birthday and your birthday…

She then burst into a sweet birthday song for Noah. She has such a sweet, shy voice. She reminds me of Fluttershy from My Little Pony sometimes. Other times she is wailing and screaming in full on tantrum mode.

The cake that was requested is an ice cream cake. I love to make cakes from scratch for my family. I hope it shows them how special they are to this family.

I am using this recipe for the ice cream cake with pumpkin ice cream and spice cake layers. I was thinking about doing a vanilla ice cream “frosting”, but instead I’m going to try this recipe for a whipped icing. I haven’t found my favorite cake icing yet, so here’s hoping.

My mom came over and picked up Noah this morning and took him gem mining. It’s probably his favorite activity, ever. We are planning a Pokemon theme and I am going to hide three action figures for Noah to find and “catch’em all”! It’s only a family party. I’m finding that works out better than a huge extended family party. We haven’t been here long, so we haven’t made many friends. We are beginning to, so hopefully next year can be a slumber party for Nora and maybe some laser tag for Noah. We’ll see.

Mmmm, the house smells delicious!

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