33 weeks

Here I am 33 weeks preggo. I follow a chick’s blog who is a little bit farther along than I am. I think she is 37 weeks pregnant…or she was because her water broke a few days ago and she had the baby. This got me thinking (and freaking a little). This time around I am all for going full-term. 40 weeks full-term, not that, “oh you are 38 weeks” technically full-term crap. If she decides to stay in there until February 23rd (no later please) I am perfectly content with that, but she COULD come early. She probably won’t, but she could. O_o

I’m not ready. I’m still getting my head wrapped around the home birth and we haven’t had her shower or gotten anything beyond the crib, changing table and clothes. Jason still has to make the bedding. Not to mention life’s other instabilities. It is making it more real that we are going to have a little one here soon.

I can take a shower whenever I want. The kids can amuse themselves for 15 minutes and then longer for me to get dressed and stuff. Not so with a baby. When the kids go to bed, they usually stay there, quietly, all night long. Not so with a baby. Jason and I have some time together in the evenings. We usually watch a movie or play a game or have some individual free-time. It’s really going to be different with a baby. Don’t get me wrong, I look forward to having her here, to holding her and raising her, but goodness life is so easy right now. Maybe the firsthand knowledge that kids do grow up (and grow up quickly) will make the time more precious and the hard times not so hard. I do know that the beached whale thing is getting old and I’ll be feeling more tired and more ready as the weeks move on. I’ve got a midwife appt this week and I’ll also get to start perineal massage! Woohoo! *sarcasm Before you ask, no, I will not be asking for Jason’s help. :oP

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