36 Weeks- The Home Stretch

A couple of weeks ago, I was perfectly content to stay pregnant until 40 weeks. Suffice it to say, I’ve changed my mind! At this point I’ve gained more than I had with Noah or Nora and the way I’ve been gaining I bet I gain 8-10 more lbs before the birth! 40-45 lbs is actually what the midwives wanted me to gain since technically I was underweight to begin with, but LHM, I never thought I’d get there!

The baby feels way low and is pinching something in my back which causes my right leg to constantly feel like it is falling asleep (ticklish, but not in a good way) and twitches at night when I am falling asleep causing me to jerk awake just as I am dozing off. Thank God I have a wonderful Chiropractor who takes good care of me. The baby’s foot rests all day at the top of my belly and is bony enough to make it feel like she has bruised that particular spot. As she stretches, she pokes my bladder causing me to have to go pee immediately or else! Bending over is ludicrous, as is putting on any shoes other than flats. I actually fell the other day. Seriously? I never did that with Noah or Nora and I blame the fact that I can’t see my feet when I walk. Even with all of this hard stuff, I love being pregnant and I’m excited to meet our baby girl.

At this point I am emotionally preparing myself to selflessly care for a newborn (if that is even possible). For the next year she will be the needy one and I will be the provider of comfort and care 24/7. I try to describe this to Jason, but he won’t fully understand until it is 3am and she is wailing her emotional cry for the third time since going to bed that evening and he has to get up in a few hours to go to work. I do remember that it is much easier to take care of them when they are still in the womb, which is probably why we change our minds here at the end and say, “get out!”

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