Cub Scouts

I am almost done (one chapter and a final left) with school and have plans to knit until I can knit no more!! I have already made Noah a scarf and am working on Nora’s. I want them to use them in PA, they will certainly need them. I also have another scarf, a wrap, and a hat to finish during my three week break from school.

I notice as we pick out Christmas gifts and tell family what size the kids are wearing how much they’ve grown and continue to grow. Jason and I have been wanting to get Noah involved in Cub Scouts, but have procrastinated until they put up a sign just recently, “Join Cub Scouts!” at his school. Jason went to the meeting and Noah will be starting in January. I told Jason that this was his thing. I can’t take on more right now and he was in Cub Scouts himself. I am realizing that I can’t continue to push myself, that school is a marathon not a sprint. Sadly…

I want the kids to be involved in things. I took Clarinet lessons and jazz, acrobatics, among other extracurricular activities and know it is a really good thing if it is right for the child. Noah likes to play outside, but I don’t think sports is necessarily right for him. With Scouts he and Jason will get to go to weekly meetings with activities involving building things and bugs and boy stuff and we will all get to go on monthly outings like camping. Noah is also a lot like me in that he is motivated by ribbons and pins, so I know he will enjoy getting badges. lol This reminds me of the movie Up! Cacaw! Rawr! If you haven’t seen it, you must!


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