After the wedding seems to be a transition time of getting back to reality. The house, the kids and some school work was ignored those last few weeks during crunch time and now they are literally glaring at me. Jason and I are trying very hard to get back into a routine of keeping the house and yard at least maintained if not organized. The kids are remembering that we are the parents (not by choice). School is the same and I will hopefully be done in December. I will register for Fall in about a week and a half. Also, I am looking for a job. One that will give me flexibility because of the kids and school in the fall. A regular 8-5pm will be difficult.

I feel like those are the facts. They get you updated with where we are at as a family.

I am dealing with a few personal issues as well. I have a few bad habits I would like to change and a few changes to my lifestyle too. I have been doing a lot of research lately about the foods we eat and she products we use in our home. I usually take those things for granted (which I think is a lot easier to do), but I am now educating myself a little more. I have been reading a book entitled What to Eat by Marion Nestle. It goes step by step through each food and describes the process, politics and labeling of them. It is very neutral, neither for or against anything in particular which I enjoy. I don’t necessarily want to be convinced of anything.

I already use “free and clear” and Seventh Generation products. What brought them to my attention was Nora’s sensitivity to fragrances and additives when she was a baby. I have since then decided that I would rather clean with products that won’t kill my children if digested. I normally choose products like shampoo and conditioner that are “free and clear” or at least partially natural if not organic, without fragrances or other known harsh chemicals. It is difficult to pay double for something that most likely doesn’t work as well just because it is supposedly “better for you”. That’s why I am doing research. If I am going to choose to spend more, then there has to be a good solid reason for it that I can stand behind. If I want to spend less or make wise choices then I have to do even more research!

I wouldn’t consider myself an extremist, but I do admire certain people’s passion. I happen to be running out of shampoo and conditioner and am looking at my options and alternatives. There is a “no-poo” method and also a “make your own” method. Castile soap seems to be the main ingredient in everything for its many uses. I’m armed with both at the moment and we will see what happens. I have already stopped washing my hair as often, so hopefully it is an easy transition. Although I will be the first to say that I am first and foremost a happy consumer of all things convenient, I want to make some different choices. I’m trying to listen to myself in that way and not let outside influences decide for me. One thing that I noticed in New York was the madness. Everyone was everywhere all the time. Possibly in your apartment or hotel room you could find peace, but not once you walked out your front door. And sometimes the noise barged in there too. And they wore ugly shoes.

For those of you on FB the dj from our wedding posted a link to his blog and also a video on my profile page. If not, you can see it here:


Here is one of my favorite pics that he captured:

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