Knit Morning

T his morning I met with a Ravelry knitting group at a downtown coffee shop. It was so nice to get out by myself and meet so new ladies. I feel bad leaving Jason and the kids home on a Saturday morning, but it sure does my soul good. I find it hard to sit at home and knit when there is so much else to do!

I also got to talk with them about a newish knitting store that opened in Winter Haven. I haven’t made it out yet, but it seems okay from the pictures online. A bit of the “same-old” knitting store feel to it, though. We also talked about spinning and weaving and different stores in different states. We all agreed that it is nice to have yarn stores here, but they aren’t anything like what NC or Portland has to offer.

I hope to take some knitting classes while the kids are gone this summer. I have yet to take an actual class and look forward to a structured learning environment. It looks like the kids will be leaving June 9. The tickets have officially been bought (or so I am told).

It always makes me a little crazy towards the end of a semester, so I’m trying to keep that in mind as we gear up for summer. Hopefully there is a pool in my future!

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