Halfway There!

S ome disturbing news was brought to my attention this week that gave me a new perspective on the decision of whether or not to deliver the baby at Labor of Love. I’ve had my doubts and the past month has given me time to ponder. Labor of Love is pretty extreme. The midwives are Licensed Midwives as opposed to Nurse Midwives and the assistant runs her own Doula site and posts some crazy stuff on Facebook about not vaccinating, the “unnecesarean”, and horror stories about women who have been arrested for breastfeeding in public. I finally nailed it down after my last prenatal visit. I’m sure that this is somewhat normal because the midwives have to make sure that you or the baby don’t die during the delivery, but at each visit I’m watched like a hawk as they grill me about every little thing. It is stressful and it doesn’t produce a healthy atmosphere of trust and acceptance. I feel as if while in pain of delivering, one of the ladies will just tell me to suck it up. That’s not what I had in mind when I imagined delivering my baby.

There are certain things I want and one of those things is the option of a nonjudgmental epidural. I WANT to deliver naturally, but I don’t want to be in the situation of 30+ hours of labor and no pain medication. I also will feel better if anything does go wrong because I will already be at the hospital. There is only one birth center anywhere near Lakeland, but there is another midwife. I’ve talked to a few people and the place I’ve chosen comes highly recommended. I’m really hoping that I can have an understanding midwife as well as a noninvasive labor with an optional epidural. Although I agree with what’s been researched about a natural delivery and how your body knows what to do and how the doctors and hospitals have made it a business, I prefer to deliver in a hospital. Maybe if this delivery is horribly retched I’ll have the experience I need to demand a natural birth, but I’ve had really good experiences until now.

I’m about 20 weeks pregnant and can no longer deny the belly. :o)

20 weeks

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