A Mini-Coop for the Not so Mini Chickens

Every time we get new chicks I’m amazed at how quickly they grow and get ugly. It’s also fun to realize that one of these chicks is not like the others and we’ve got a rooster on our hands. We’ve had chicks four separate times now. The first time was the most successful and we had no clue what we were doing. The second round got eaten, so we got that nightmare out of the way. The third set has been picked off one by one until there is only one Wyandotte left of three and now for the last. We have been getting three chicks at a time, but due to odds and probability of them making it to egg-laying status, we went ahead and got six. I tried to talk Jason into a seventh one because it was the last one, but he refused. Mostly because it was one of the “straight-runs” meaning it wasn’t sexed, but ironically enough those two are both hens and one of the sexed pullets turned out to be a rooster. Should have listened to me, honey.

Our current coop has three nesting boxes and can fit the new chicks, but we really needed an in between coop for teenager chickens. The box only lasts a couple of weeks and then it’s too small and crazy dirty. Here‘s what our very first coop looked like, if you’re wondering. The current coop is just sans run. My hubby had a lot of pallet and scrap wood as well as leftover coop material, so he decided to build a little mini coop to keep the teenagers separate, but also give them all a secondary coop option once they are integrated.

Here we go. It was built over several weekends on the break between semesters. I love my handy hubby!

Starting the coop

Back door for easy cleaningBack access for easy cleaning.

Chip enjoying the sun

putting the posts in


Painting it redNoah painting it red and his siblings, “helping”.



preparing the run roof

ready for fencingThe open space will be a removable piece to act as a door.

Food and water lid

child sized


The last wyandotteThe last Wyandotte checking things out.


Since this picture we’ve integrated the chickens because the chicks got huge seemingly overnight and can fend off the completely docile Rhode Island Reds. They are much happier in here and exploring the rest of the chicken area.

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