A New Experience

We had our first midwife appt today. I was really looking forward to it mostly because I knew we might get to hear the baby’s heartbeat.

We (Jason, Noah, Nora and I) got there a half hour early to fill out the mound of paperwork before my actual appt. I first talked to Charlie (the midwife assistant) with her nose and lip ring and cute tattoos who was very nice and comical as she explained the procedure of peeing in a cup for each visit, testing my urine and then weighing myself. She then proceeded to steal 4 vials of blood. After that I met Amanda and Char-Lyn the student midwife and the owner of Labor of Love. I really liked Amanda. She is easy going and pleasant. The owner is very knowledgeable, but stern in a motherly way.

The kids were good, waiting somewhat patiently, and the last thing we did was search for the heartbeat. Even though I have been through this process twice before it is always a bit awkward climbing on the table and lifting up my shirt. We could immediately hear my slow methodical heartbeat, but finding the baby’s was a bit of a challenge. There was a chance we wouldn’t find it at all this visit, but we patiently waited while they slid the Doppler and cold jelly all over the lower part of my belly (so cold!).

Finally, we heard a quiet, yet quick rhythm that was most certainly not my own heartbeat. It was slower than I was expecting, only about 130 bpm or so, but it swelled my heart to finally have confirmation of the life growing inside me. I looked to Jason to see his reaction which, as usual and so like him, was quiet and contemplative to say the least. I’m sure the heartbeat will be louder and stronger in 4 weeks at our next visit.

And so it begins! :o)

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