Almost Done

T he bathroom is almost done. I see a lot of cleaning in my future. There is dirt and dust on everything, but the floors look nice! This afternoon Jason, Nora, Noah and I stopped at Lowe’s to pick out paint. We have decided to paint the kids bathroom yellow. I am excited because I have always wanted a yellow room! After bringing some paint samples home, I am leaning towards a color aptly named “butter”. I do love butter. :o) It’s funny bringing the swatches home. They look totally different under different lighting. I liked the color “butterfly bush” at the store, but once I brought it into the bathroom I realized it was too harsh. I got some good ideas for Noah’s room too. For our bathroom, I am thinking about a deep gray color. I picked up a color sample at HD and put it on one of the cabinets and I really like it. Slowly, but surely the room is coming together. Jason is almost done with the pipes and his dad and I got a bit of molding to go in front of the shower. All that’s left is to put the toilet back in place. Oh, and the cleanup. Sigh.

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