Almost the New Year

Gosh, I’ve been gone so long I’m not sure where to start. I’ll just jump back in like I never left. :o)

I have a degree; an A.A. in Business Administration. The only thing it guarantees me is that I will never have to work at Starbucks for minimum wage ever again. (I say that and I think to myself, never say never, but here’s hoping.) I really hope that when I go back to work I’ll be able to do what my skills and talents enable me to, but at the very least I’ll be in a nice comfy office where there will be donuts and coffee and full-time work. (Again, here’s hoping.)

I’m about 32 weeks pregnant. We were scared for a about a month that she may not turn head down, but since my last appt it looks as though she has complied. Good thing, because I was not in anyway prepared for a C-section. Right now the kids and I are on Christmas break and enjoying our time together. It helps that we got three new Wii games for Christmas. ;o) When they go back to school I will be sittin’ on my fanny until the baby comes. I’ll be continuing to get the house organized and I’d really like to prepare a scrapbook for her like I did with Nora. We are still adding names to our list for baby girl. Darcy, Annabel, Claire, Lorelai, Serena, Astrid, are all bouncing around as possibilities. I’m sure we will add a few more before she gets here. I’m trying to prepare myself mentally for giving birth naturally. I’ve got a few dvds on labor positions, yoga and birth in general as well as a few books from the library. It’s really scary and at the same time exciting to be giving birth at home.

Patrick has moved back to Florida. He returned a few weeks ago and has an apartment, so the kids have spent some time with him. They really missed him and the time he spent away has settled things down to the point that our relationship is almost amicable (for the time being at least).

We went to NC for Christmas this year. I will devote an entire post to that occasion. We had a wonderful time and even got to see snow while we were there!

I think that about covers it! You are all caught up with the developments of our household. I’m sure I will return shortly with news of Christmas. If not, have a Happy New Year!

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