Baby Shower!

I am just about 38 weeks. The baby could come any time now and my body is DUN. My friend Misty visited this past weekend as well as my sister-in-laws Sheena and Amber for my baby shower. I was a little nervous, only because of the tradition of being stared at as I open each and every present in front of everyone. The rest of the time was wonderful. Misty read a beautiful poem and I was able to sit and visit with friends I haven’t seen in a while.

Here I am opening gifts from my very kind and generous guests. :o)

Clockwise from top left:
The spread including a yummy cake and beautiful tulips!
Gift from Jason’s mom, complete with cute little bug footies. :o)
Gnome hat knit by Misty, so adorable, can’t wait for pictures!
The giraffe toy was Jason’s contribution to the gift registry. lol

I hope everyone had as lovely an afternoon as I did. Thanks to everyone who came (some in spirit!). It is always fun to get together with good friends. :o)

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