Back to School

Dark and rainy. That’s how the past few days have been. It’s 10:30am and I need the lamp on in order to write this.

Noah started 1st grade on Monday. I was so worried because he really did not enjoy Kindergarten and was nervous about going back, but he loves it! I’m hoping he continues to love it. The teacher (I am finding) makes the difference. Nora is now in VPK learning her letters. She is in Ms. Wanda’s class with the big kids. I can’t believe that next year they will both be riding the bus to school in the morning. Just imagining it freaks me out a little. Nora is serious about her studies and I can tell that education is clearly becoming a value in our home.

I started school on Tuesday. What I was most worried about was eating! They don’t have a cafeteria type thing at Plant City, so I had to bring my lunch and snacks. I started at 1pm and was distracted by 2pm with thoughts of my Nekot crackers sitting in my backpack. By 2:30pm I had eaten almost all of the food (quite a lot) I had brought with me. I have classes until 9pm! I had to go home and eat and grab some change for the vending machines in order to make it through.

Up first was Public Speaking. I have already taken a one credit speech class, so I have a bit of an advantage, but that doesn’t mean I’m any less nervous. I thought we’d have 2 minutes to introduce ourselves, but instead we were given two topics to choose from; summer and friend. Yes, we had to give a speech on the first day. I chose summer and spoke about how fabulous (puking is the best!) my summer was, thus killing two birds with one stone; yes I’m pregnant and fulfilling the acceptable speech requirement for the day. I have to say, I think I did pretty good. The teacher is amazing, she is extremely positive and encouraging, I wish I had had her for english II.

Next was Nutrition and Drugs, my non-science-major science class. This teacher is a little different. Still a nice teacher, but a little strange. He is from New York with a thick accent (“fahget aboudit”) and calls dumb kids Mcfly, a reference to Back to the Future. I’m sure I’ll learn a lot and I get to do a 1500 word research paper on any topic I choose within Nutrition and Drugs. I’m going to do mine on thyroid dysfunction. Exciting right? lol We have lab right after lecture on Tuesday evenings, but I didn’t get to do my Twilight reference with the microscopes since it was just a safety briefing. “prophase”. lol Maybe next week.

I plan to do some Math today. It’s an online class, but I’m so hoping it won’t be as bad as the other online classes I have taken. The teacher seems to be really nice. Can you tell that I like nice teachers? I write the nasty bitches mean emails and I just don’t think I have the energy this semester. One skill I’ll have to cultivate is quick naps in my car on the break I have between classes or covert naps in the library perhaps?

I’m excited, I’m exhausted, I’m starving. That about sums up what this semester will probably be like. :o)

5 thoughts on “Back to School

  1. Every morning when I drop off Nora, as soon as we enter the gate: “I’m in Ms. Wanda’s class still.” I’m sure I’ll be hearing it for several weeks.

  2. I like nice teachers too. And I really like organized teachers, they are the best. All my online classes have been really good, except for my English but that’s just cause the teacher was a “ratard”

  3. Whos is your nutrition teacher, I took that there, and I know it was a male but I cant quite remember him, maybe a name will be familiar though.

  4. Oooh! Organized teachers are even better than nice teachers! Sheena, Mr. Fox is my nutrition teacher. He explains that he never finished his Phd and is too lazy to go back.

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