A couple of years ago I stumbled upon this image:

I really liked it, so I just filed it away as a possible tattoo someday. Over the years I kept coming back to it and it began to have meaning for me. Life went on and it continued to stay filed away. At one point I printed it out and it hung above my desk. Lately, I have begun to really want to get another tattoo. Had I still been in Lakeland, I would have gone to Black Swan because they are awesome and that’s where I got my quill done. But, alas, I live in Franklin and am a little hesitant to try out a new place all on my own.

I contemplated getting it done in Portland because Misty and her husband recently had one done and knew of a great place, but I put it out of my mind and dismissed the idea. Once I got there, however, I loved Misty’s tattoo and after mentioning that I would really like to get one done she was all for it. :o) That is what I love about my friend, she is always up for an adventure and super supportive. We called an made an appointment at Icon Tattoo with Kirsten for Sunday evening.

I emailed her the image and told her what I had in mind, which is not a typical tattoo, but mostly shading only. As the appointment got nearer I began to get nervous, for two reasons; one, it hurts and two, it’s permanent. I knew that she would have to probably freehand the image and would most likely make some changes, I just hoped I would like it.

We arrived and was taken a little bit by surprise. She is quite the strong personality! Not necessarily in a bad way. When I’m nervous or there is tension I usually laugh or crack a joke to lighten the mood. She was confused by my laughter, but we eventually got on the same page. I loved what she did with the image, which was clean it up and give it some depth. She added some cute details as well.

I began to get excited once we had it placed in the perfect spot on my arm. Misty was crucial to this piece of the puzzle (oh my, I can put it on my other arm? lol). I had to lay down in such a way that I felt I was at the dentist and omw I HATE the dentist, but it was the best placement of my arm for her to do her best work, so I went with it. I was prepared for excruciating pain, but it was really not that bad. I also thought that the inside of my arm would hurt the most, but it was the outside that hurt worse! Interesting… Kirsten got to work and an hour later she was done. I can’t tell you the feeling of seeing it in the mirror. It was so pretty and I had imagined it for so long, I was a little bit speechless. We took pics and she wrapped it up (ow!). We then proceeded across the street to Mint for celebratory Pineapple Drops! Yum! If you ever go to Portland, you must go to Mint for cocktails!

I know you are wondering where Lorelei was this whole time. She was with Misty’s mom, Donna, while we were gone and had a good time with her. No crying! I was relieved and so glad to get some time with my friend alone (though I was worried). Thanks Donna!

It was a great ending to a lovely weekend with my best friend. The meaning of the tattoo is very simple. I was in Portland and I thought what better way to celebrate than to “put a bird on it”! Just kidding! The bird is colored blue to symbolize happiness, not just that I am happy, but to remind me that happiness is a choice. The orange flowers aren’t just pretty, they symbolize my husband and together the image reminds me to work hard every day on my marriage, that happiness is a choice and I choose to be happy with him. He makes it easy. ;o)

Icon Tattoo
The inside, so lovely!
The artist at work
The finished piece