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I currently read about ten or more blogs. Mamablogs I guess you could say. I then read other types of inspirational/informational blogs etc. and enjoy most of them immensely. I didn’t used to read any, but then more friends started blogging and it was so interesting and I got this great Google Reader that lets me know when someone has updated theirs. I imagine my blog is on someone’s list too. (Well…Jason’s at least).

I was recently pondering whether or not my reading of other people’s blogs had affected my writing of my own personal blog. I want my blog to be an outlet for my writing, but it needs to be interesting too. I would just write this all out for myself in a notebook or file if I didn’t enjoy some aspect of sharing it with the world. It goes back to how when I talk out loud to someone I figure stuff out, am I the only one who does this?? When I write I do the same thing, so this bloggity is a bit of both.

I am looking back over some of my posts and I realize that it is mostly highlights, which I’m sure some enjoy. I’m sure it’s great to see that the kids are growing and we went to NC for the umpteenth time and got engaged. :-D I didn’t used to write like that, did I? Is life too good? It would annoy me to read a blog that was just, life is so grand-la-di-da, smiles all the time. YET. Life is good and smiles all the time and the train is a movin’ like it’s supposed to. I’m sure that speed bumps are on their way, but I guess they aren’t so harsh anymore (although I do live in fear of catastrophe).

I think maybe it is just Summer. I looked at Summer like a huge pool to swim across. Yes it would be nice, but it would be vast and lazy. We have swum to the other side and things are starting to move and shake again. Throw in a wedding and I’m sure I’ll be wishing for a nice pool to lazily swim across.

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