Boom Boom Pow

It is summertime! 100 degree weather at 9am! Woo*melting*hoo…

Noah and Nora love to hear a Laurie Berkner song in the mornings on the way to school. It is called Victor Vito. We then play I’m not perfect and The fish song after that. They are silly kids songs you can hear at times on Noggin. Today, however, Noah asked if I had that “boom boom pow” song. That Boom boom pow song is a song by Fergie and the Black-eyed Peas, not a kids group. The school-agers are now at Happy Days, which is where kids K-5 go for the summer and do activities like skating and swimming. Obviously they have a bit of an influence on my child.

I toy around with the idea of Homeschooling because I want to be a greater influence on my child than whatever school he is in. That thought sprung up again when I heard my 5 year old asking about a booty dancing song this morning! I also thought about verses that talk about being in the world, but not of the world. What does that really mean especially when it comes to teaching it to your children? I found a verse I like that I will hopefully look into a little more. John 9:5 While I am in the world, I am the light of the world. I feel that we are supposed to be IN the world. Our children are supposed to learn how to be IN the world. Now that concept is very broad and can be taken in many different ways, to each his gnome. I feel that we are given opportunities to influence our children when they are faced with the pressures of peers and trying to fit in. It also shapes me a bit too. Do I let Noah listen to that song? Do I listen to that song around him? What is the value here?

When the kids are young you don’t necessarily think about them being adults, but children will not live at home forever. While they are at home we can show them or train them not to be influenced by what others believe or think and to learn to think for themselves. If they are kept at home under their mothers apron strings, they can sometimes get the idea that they must be the most important people in the world since the day revolves around their activities. It will come as a big shock when they go off to college and find that it isn’t true. I have exposed my children to things in life that I wish I hadn’t, but I want to be honest with them. The world isn’t a pretty place. Bad things happen. People hurt each other. If I keep them home and guard them against the things of this world that are normal and natural then I feel like I am lying to them. We are to protect them, don’t get me wrong, but not from life. From bears and bad people and from being kidnapped or other dangerous things. We can’t protect them forever from ideas we don’t agree with or people who are mean to them. People are mean to me and I am an adult!

I wish a lot of things were different with the public school system, especially in Florida, but there are a lot of good things too. It doesn’t take a Christian setting to have someone be kind to your child or teach them kindness. Years ago people fought for a pubic school system. They fought for people of different ethnic backgrounds to be able to go to school together. This generation and the one’s following have the most tolerance for people who are different from them. It may not always be perfect, but for society may be better to teach them together because they learn way more than their ABC’s. I’m obviously still thinkin’ it out and I may have a different opinion next year.

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