I bought this bread magazine a while back. It was everything you knead to know about bread. :o) That got put aside cause we were moving, like everything else. A few days in North Carolina and I decide to try it. I chose to try the french bread first because you don’t need a loaf pan or anything and because we love french bread.

The directions were basically seven paragraphs. o_O I read them like three times and then went paragraph by paragraph. I knew that this first time might not go so well, so I just went with the flow. This was also my first time messing with yeast. Yeast is…er…interesting? The kids loved watching the preparation and wanted to help, but I couldn’t learn and teach at the same time. The best I could do was letting Nora pour the flour in 1/2 cup at a time while I mixed.

After mixing everything I put it in the bowl to rise. Corrine and Charley were over and Corrine assured me it looked right. :o) I left it alone for an hour in order for it to “double”. This was about halfway through:

Once it rose I beat it up some more and made it behave:

Noah was a little bit pouty about not being able to help. I covered it up again to rise a second time:

And then baked the heck out of it! lol

It went great with our yummy dinner!

It wasn’t exactly like I imagined, but it was edible. I think I need to knead the dough more next time. I really look forward to making scones, especially since we have blueberry bushes growing in our yard and we also found some blackberry bushes on our walk the other evening. :o) Loving North Carolina!

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