I remember being pregnant and knowing that breastfeeding would be difficult, but wanting so badly to stick to it this time. I read a great book and prepared myself mentally, hoping that it wouldn’t hurt as badly as it had with Noah and Nora, but it did. I had awesome support. My midwife brought me a nipple shield to my postpartum visit and Jason kept encouraging me to keep going and that is what I have been doing.

I always wondered how long I would have to keep at it for it not to hurt anymore and she is four months old and it still hurts, but just a little. Mostly a minor annoyance, but the benefits outweigh the pain. It has finally gotten to the point where I’m not slathering on Lanolin every single time and don’t really need the nursing pads anymore. I’m not crazy full for each feeding either. Nursing Lorelei has become a quick 5-10 minutes and she’s done. I can pop her on just about anywhere (the park, running errands, wherever)and it is soo much easier than bottles! lol I never knew. :o)

I have pumped a bottle or two, but Lorelei wouldn’t take it. I would probably feel like ugh I have to do EVERYTHING, but the bond she and I have and my amazing husband make my being the only one that can feed her pretty easy. It forces me to sit down and take a break which I have found to be something I don’t normally do, so given that few minutes to regroup every couple of hours keeps me from over doing things. It also helps me to let Jason take care of the baby because he doesn’t get to feed her.

We are now approaching solid foods and trying to figure out when to start and whether we will make our own or buy the little jars. It might be a little of both or I may enjoy learning to make purees for her. We will definitely be needing to get a high chair soon. :o) The Bumbo can only take you so far, lol.

I really enjoy breastfeeding and I’m glad that I have been able to stick with it. Somehow I got a can of formula in the mail today. I just threw it out! Ha! I know myself and I know that if it were sitting in the cupboard I might say, hey let’s go on a date night, they can give her a bottle! And then that will just start us down a road that I don’t want to travel. Yep, I am still breastfeeding. :o)

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