Car Trip or lalalalala

Car trip with a 3 month old…hmm, fun isn’t the word I’m looking for. A trip that used to take 10 hours max, now takes 12 hours min.

If she isn’t screaming or sleeping this is what she’s doing:

That last bit with her paci reminds me of Talledaga Nights, Will Ferrill (sp?) and the first interview where he doesn’t know what to do with his hands. Lol

It was a rough trip, but we got a lot done. I cannot wait to lay in my bed! Air mattresses are tricksy. They say, “look here, I’m so comfy… lay down on me.” And you do, but then so does your hubby and by morning your butt is touching the floor.

I’m glad the kids stayed with their dad because this would not have been a fun trip for them. This was a work trip for sure. The next trip will be the move with a huge u-haul, Jason driving and going only 55 mph and me in the car with three kids by myself. Yikes! I’m good for about three hours of driving, so 4x as much driving and I won’t be able to go 80mph. I’ll need a couple of weeks to prepare for that.  :o)

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