31 Days of Life with Four Kids: Day 31

Happy Halloween! Today is the last day of the challenge. I made it! I enjoyed writing on a daily basis and think I will continue to write often.

For all my pondering I feel like I can’t keep it up all the time. Sometimes I get tired, I get overwhelmed and just wish that someone would push the reset button, but life with four kids just keeps steamrolling on right over me. We have our routines, which help, but at times everywhere I look there is something I haven’t done or a ball I’ve dropped. It’s easy to get depressed or bitchy, which seems to be the place I’m at now. In the grand scheme of things I’m happy, we’re all happy, but in the midst of the details, when it is the same thing everyday, getting onto the kids about the same stuff everyday, I think they get tired of hearing my voice and I get tired of speaking.

I know it has to do with my attitude. I see an enormous difference in the kids and our home life when I’m calm and firm rather than annoyed and snappy. Sometimes I can flip the switch, find the thing that will center myself again, but sometimes I feel as if I’m searching in the dark and stubbing my pinkie toe. I know things will even out (maybe when Henry begins to sleep through the night?). This time of year is always crazy, one holiday after another after another. October was especially crazy with a birthday, a trip to Portland, a halloween party and now halloween itself. Let’s mellow out November, okay?

Btw, Henry is finally rolling over. He went straight from rolling back to belly and back again in a day. I guess he just waited to learn it all at once!

31 Days of Life with Four Kids: Day 30

One of my biggest pet peeves is how the kids treat one another. Noah has an overly critical and controlling personality. It’s difficult to get him to understand that in this family we are polite to each other, we help each other, we do not call each other “idiot” even if we are acting that way.

I believe that our family is their first relationships and where they will learn to navigate their future friendships and relationships. I want my children to have each other’s backs as they get older. I also want the energy in the house to be peaceful and if they are being mean to each other, it’s not peaceful.

In my previous marriage we didn’t treat each other very well. We “picked” on each other, we weren’t respectful and it was volatile. My husband Jason is kind and generous. I’ve seen how being helpful and polite can make all the difference in a relationship.

My mom has difficult relationships with her siblings and I believe it’s because my grandmother was negligent in that area. She nurtured competition and favoritism and her children did not benefit at all from that atmosphere.

It’s one of those things that I guess we’ll never know if it was beneficial until the kids are grown. I can only strive to show them the way, they must walk it out.

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31 Days of Life with Four Kids: Day 29

I used cloth diapers for the first time with Lorelei. She wore them for about a year and a half. She potty trained around 2.5 years. It was great. I had to strip them a time or two, but for the most part it was easy breezy.

The big sell with cloth diapers is that you can use them with multiple children. I looked forward to using them with Henry, but unfortunately we are having a tough time. I found this post that shows BumGenius stretched out after two years of use. Apparently that’s why it has taken this long for the diapers to fit Henry somewhat. Replacing the elastic is a lot cheaper than buying all new diapers, but still.

We finally started using them on a regular basis and I also use Thirsties covers with the inserts from my fuzzibunz (fuzzibunz are wore out from Lorelei) when suddenly they started repelling. I’ve not had a repelling issue before. I think it may be worse than having the stinkies. We are using a different washer than we used with Lorelei and it is much more energy efficient, meaning it uses less water and water is your bestie when it comes to washing cloth diapers. The solution is to strip them, using bleach or Dawn or something along those lines, neither of which I have on hand or enjoy using.

I have about had it. I don’t want to use disposables when I have a stack of cloth diapers already, but when I put him in a diaper and down for a nap and he wakes up a half hour later, soaking wet and still tired, it doesn’t seem worth it. I looked forward to using my BumGenius diapers again because they are so simple to use. I don’t need more stress, I have plenty!

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31 Days of Life with Four Kids: Day 28

While in Portland we visited Misty’s favorite yarn shop and I saw an adorable pattern for a blanket there. On a whim, I gathered four colors to make a blanket for Henry. The other three kids have had a blanket made for them (not by me), so I felt that Henry needed one. I just hope he is still a baby by the time I’m finished!


It’s called a Sweet Pea blanket and it is definitely a sweet pattern. A four row repeat that makes a bit of a wave pattern. I extended it by one repeat, so I may pick up another color at my yarn shop to make sure it is long enough.

I’ve had to find time to knit, so there has been some starts and stops. It’s not too easy to lose my place, but yesterday I thought for sure I was on the knit row, but I was showing the wrong side. I could not convince myself otherwise, so I went ahead with a knit row, when I thought it might be wrong. I got to the end (148 stitches!) and started the next row and sure enough it was incorrect. I had already done the knit row, but forgotten all about it. I unknit that row and pondered a bit on how I should listen to myself. I also thought about how sometimes I choose to do things, when I’m almost positive it’s a mistake if I see that the only way I’ll know it’s wrong for sure is to do it. If it is something small that can be undone, I choose to learn from it rather than not do anything at all. I’d rather do something I know is wrong than take a chance on something that could be right. Maybe this is something I should work on? It could just be how I learn, proving myself right.

I’m loving how the rows of colors are coming together and I really like the yarn I chose. I’ve been on Fall break, so we’ll see how far I get next week when I’m back learning physics.

31 Days of Life with Four Kids: Day 26

We went to the Pumpkinfest today. We signed the kids up for the pumpkin roll. This is our fifth Pumpkinfest? Downtown we have a road that is one long hill and is great for rolling pumpkins.


There is a new church in town (actually an extension of a church in Asheville). They put up five huge bouncy house/slides for the kids to play on and didn’t charge and all they wanted was your first born child. Not really, just ALL of your personal information. Still fun and we may actually check the church out.

What I enjoyed was seeing friends at Pumpkinfest. It’s really hard to make friends as an adult when you don’t work and do not attend church. I think I saw one friend last year, whom I don’t know well, but enough to say hi. This year I saw my friend from ballet, our neighbor, the director from Lorelei’s preschool and some friends of Jason’s that were in town to see the leaves change. It really made me feel like part of the community.

Pumpkinfest is one of my favorite fall activities.

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31 Days of Life with Four Kids: Day 25

Last night I laid out all of the decorations, tableware, candy, prizes, games etc for the Halloween party and envisioned what it would look like and decided what I still needed. I’m glad I started gathering things early because the stores around here are about out of stuff! I just need a few more items and we’ll be set! I’m so excited about the party! I hope everyone will have a great time.

I’ve got a fussy baby today. He’s been waking up a lot at night wanting to eat, since we returned from Portland. I was hoping he would get back on schedule, but so far, he’s still waking up every couple of hours. Sigh. He’s usually pretty good at putting himself back to sleep and to sleep for that matter. Perhaps he is going through a growth spurt. I am one tired mama.

The plan today: Clean the house and prep for the party. Hit a few stores for the last minute items and hopefully knit some on the baby blanket I’ve started. :o)

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31 Days of Life with Four Kids: Day 23

*I got a little behind due to sickness and getting back into a routine, but I’ll catch up today!*

Jason has a job interview. Yay! He won’t buy things for himself unless he “needs” it. Really, you never “need” much. He doesn’t “need” dress pants. The holy, unfitting, gross pants he has now will suffice for everyday wear, but now he has an interview and we’re scrambling for some interview clothes. We have one store in town that has nice clothes besides walmart and apparently you must be short and fat to shop there because 38/30 pants are our only option.

So Friday I made an unplanned trip to Asheville. I hit Target first and found nothing even though they have new “premium” dress pants. I did, however, score in the ladies department with new sweaters and one more pair of jeans for myself! Score! Somehow I ended up with zero sweaters that fit me in my closet and it is beginning to get quite cold.

Next we headed to Kohl’s. I am not a fan of Kohl’s for myself, but they have great stuff in the men’s department. I managed to find two pair of dress pants (that’s it! I guess 36/34 is an odd size) and a great dress shirt. They also had “suit separates” in Jason’s size, so we splurged and got him those as well. I love dressing my man! He tried the suit and the dress shirt on and looked amazingly sexy. The trick I’ve found is to get a “slim fit” shirt, otherwise it’s all billowy around the middle.

We got home in time to pick up Nora, come home, take Nora to dance, run to the Dollar store for some Halloween stuff, pick her back up, run back home to make a quick dinner of PB&J and run back out to Noah’s yellow belt ceremony. Craziness.

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31 Days of Life with Four Kids: Day 21


Let me just say, the hours is a long layover. Especially when that layover happens after a red eye. I got breakfast and walked from one end of the airport to the other, twice. Having a car seat and stroller is really nice at the airport. I highly recommend checking them at the gate when traveling.


We got a window seat on the last flight, didn’t matter though, because Henry didn’t sleep.

It was only an hour flight, so it was okay. I made it home safe and sound. Sick and exhausted, but safe and sound.