New Puppy

10 weeks old

At the end of August we got a new puppy. We had been talking about getting a puppy for about six months, doing the research, soul searching and whatnot to prepare for more chaos. We knew we wanted a dog, but it had to be the right kind of dog. We’ve had dogs in the past that did not fit in with our family and we planned to commit to this dog for his lifetime, so it had to be a good one.

We got realistic; smallish dog, not a chihuahua, low to medium energy, affectionate, smart, short hair, no grooming, great with kids, chickens and cats. I did quizzes that tell you what kind of dog you should get, searched family dogs and looked at every breed we might like and one dog type that kept coming up was a rat terrier. I looked more into that breed and it seemed like it would be a good fit. I searched for rat terrier breeders in North Carolina and two came up. One was for miniatures and the other for standard sized dogs and they were both about five hours away and the typical $350. Did we really want this type of dog? Was it worth the trip and cash? We sat on that for a couple of months. During that time I looked at other options. Rescue places, craigslist, friends and family. Most dogs were older or mixed with chihuahua or jack russel which didn’t match our criteria, so we decided to go for it.

The trip went well and we liked the breeder, Barrel Creek Kennel in Middlesex, NC. She takes good care of her dogs and answered all of our questions while we took our time picking out our new puppy. I let Jason and Nora pick and they went with an adorable brown headed, sweet boy.


The kids loved him.

early mornings

He would cuddle with me in the mornings before the kids got up and I was drinking my coffee.

tiny puppy

He took to our family right away and we all fell in love. We began house training which hasn’t been too awful. When it’s a tiny puppy, it’s a tiny puddle, thankfully and he’s doing really well. That was our biggest concern. We didn’t want a vindictive dog, one who would poop in the middle of your bed just to spite you. He’s a good boy and so sweet.

Sleepy puppy

It’s been about two months now and we are so glad we got him. I’m really glad we didn’t settle for a different dog just to have a dog and took the time to pick the right one for our family. I think it made all the difference.