Busy Busy Busy

Well, the busyness continues! This whole weekend was not spent at home. We even got a date night Sat night thanks to grandma. :-)

I would like to say that Bobby decided this week to leave ElectroNerdz, Inc. He relinquished his shares to Jason and after the “brain dump” session of all of his knowledge being thoroughly recorded he is no longer with the company. So far things are amicable and if he is needed he will make time to help us out. Otherwise, he has moved on.

We spent most of Saturday cleaning and organizing the Tech area at the office. We reacquired a workbench and quickly put it to good use. We put up and took down a few things from the walls as we are in the process of getting some neat art work and the walls are now waiting patiently. It feels good to get things “just so”. Jason has some goals for the next few weeks that he is trying to obtain and I am very excited for him.

The last few months have been ripe with knowledge and growth for Bobby and Jason (me too, but I don’t count). They have been trying to wrestle with their vision for the company and equally related the dreams for their personal lives. I hear a lot from Bobby about what he wants in both areas. Jason, however, was still processing. Finally, on our date last night I got to listen to what Jason and only Jason wants for his company. It is very different from what Bobby had envisioned. The picture he painted for me is very much like Jason. It is simple and comforting. It will be a place that the employees want to come to work and customers will be taken care of in every aspect. I know with Jason’s commitment that this dream for his company will come to fruition. He is always positive and from what we have seen with the Kia- *eyes rolling* persistent. I respect and admire him more for what he would like to create and what it will mean for us as a family. I am excited to accompany him on this journey. I was excited to hear that he has a place in mind for me, besides the President’s wife. ;-)

This weekend was spent in closure of one door and opening another. There is now more work to do (Bobby was a level 2-3 tech and took care of a lot of things like the data center) for Jason, but also (I think) more enthusiasm.

Since Jason and I were pretty busy this weekend, Nora and Noah relearned how to play well together and the baseboards at the office are pretty clean too! We had the fam (Carrie, Edd, and Grandma) over for a game of Uno tonight and had a really good time. Tomorrow the kids are home and we plan to take them to the park for some well earned kid time! I also plan to teach them the game Twister. Hopefully another fun day will be had by all.

Drum roll please…

peel and stick
This is Jason putting up our new sign. He didn’t want help. Sadly, we (Amber, Ryan, Noah, Nora, Grandma and I) played with the Nerf guns instead.


We have a sign on the door people! Welcome to ElectroNerdz! Now maybe strangers will stop coming in and wondering where Point Engineering went.