Spring Fling

Spring Fling

Last Friday night we went as a family to something called Spring Fling at Nora’s school. It is a major fundraiser for the school with a pizza dinner, games, raffles, face painting and a cake walk. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but it was nothing compared to what it was like. The entire school was used for this event.

Playing Bingo

In the library they had bingo set up with some really great prizes. Nora has been learning to count to one hundred, so it was fun to watch her find the numbers. We didn’t win, but it was fun to play.

Egg game

They had games set up in a lot of the classrooms. Some were like this, throw the egg in the basket, (or in Lorelei’s case, place the eggs gently in the basket) and some were more extreme like wii dancing and blacklight bowling.


This was the huge cakewalk. It was probably my favorite part besides bingo. Again, we didn’t win, but it was fun to play. The Spring Fling was a lot like being at an amusement park (lots of people and long lines). Nora loved seeing her friends and teachers and getting her face painted. We’ll be more prepared next year.

Dry Falls

This past Sunday my mom was in town and we decided to check out Dry Falls. We’ve seen it a few times, but it was closed for many months while they updated the paths to the falls and this is our first time back.

Many stairs at the beginning

We let Lorelei do the first set of stairs.

Waiting patiently

We all waited patiently and then Jason picked her up for the next set or two, but then it becomes a sloping path. They did a really good job on the pathways.

Dry Falls

Not sure why it is called Dry Falls because I’ve never seen it dry, but this was raging compared to our first visit in 2009.

Dry Falls

Walking underneath the waterfall is really neat (and wet!).

Dry Falls

Dry Falls

In this picture you can see the sloping pathways.

Happy Family
It was a chilly afternoon. At this point, Nora was confused because she thought we were going on a hike. Our hikes are usually a LOT longer than this short little jaunt into Highlands.

Dry Falls

engagment to present

This is the waterfall where Jason proposed to me in August of 2009, so we did a fun pic in the same spot under the waterfall where suddenly we have one child and another on the way! Good times.

Wonderful Weekends

Lately the weekends have been, simply put, wonderful. Not just because one of those weekends was my birthday, I blame the weather. The 60’s and 70’s has us taking walks like the one we took after dinner on Saturday.
Daddy's Turn
Jason took a spin on the Razor.
Lorelei scootin'
Lorelei too.
Riding the Razors
Nora, of course, is a pro by now.
26 weeks
I tried to get Lorelei to stand and take a pic with me, but she wouldn’t.
As close as she'll come
This is as close as she would stand. She doesn’t quite get the concept yet. lol
Sun setting view from our neighborhood
The sun was setting and the temperature began to drop.
Lorelei has the rubberband, watch out!
We found a rubberband by the mailboxes at the end of our street and took turns shooting it near each other. I say near because I think we missed more often than not.
Nora's turn
Unless of course we were right on top of each other!
Orange Walls
On Sunday Jason and I busted out painting our bedroom. It is a color called Frosty Melon and I love it! This is step one of about five steps to my vision and it’s a good start.
DQ reward
Nora had a great week at school. She didn’t do well enough to warrant a trip to the Fun Factory, but DQ and the park on Sunday afternoon was definitely deserved.

Yo Gabba Gabba!

For Lorelei’s birthday we decided to have a Yo Gabba Gabba party since she really likes that show (and so do we). We kept it just us because Jason’s sister was due with her baby right around Lorelei’s birthday and that would have been just too crazy.

In keeping with the colorful theme, I wanted to try out a rainbow cake, but instead of food coloring, using actual food to color the cake. I found a great recipe that explained in depth just how to do that.

Making cupcakes

Everybody helped, even grandma.

Rainbow colored

I decided to do cupcakes and they started out very colorful. It was almost like a science experiment getting the cake to change colors.

licking the spoon

Finished product

Unfortunately after it baked the colors were not very bright and the cake itself was not one of my favorites. Next time I might add more coloring (especially the “red”) and choose a yummier cake recipe. We still had a great time!


Blowing out the candles

Lorelei blew out her candle all by herself!


Then, it was present time. She got a pee-wee pillow pet panda, puzzles, clothes, toys, books and a new baby doll.

Twinkle Twinkle

She immediately pulled it out and started feeding the baby and singing, “twinkle, twinkle little star…” so cute.

Eye on Muno

We then played stick the eye on Muno. Muno is the red guy, in case you don’t watch Yo Gabba Gabba.

Nora's turn

Nora won!

Lorelei's turn

Lorelei totally cheated (I think Nora did too), but it was fun spinning them and we adults got in on the fun too and did terribly. “Celebrating Lorelei’s birthday iiiiiss AWESOME!!”

Lorelei Turns Two


My baby girl is two today. I’ve stayed home with her for these last two years and watched her grow and change and it has been such a blessing. The last two months have been especially interesting. She can say so many words now and put phrases together that I end up asking questions a lot of the time rather than just doing things for her, “bunnies or a banana for snack?”. Because she is at that stage though, she’ll choose banana and then get upset because you peeled it the wrong way or put it in a bowl when she wanted to hold it and eat it. Frustration all around!

She is absolutely adorable and so active now. She wants to go, go, go and play all day. This is one of the reasons we’ve decided to put her in half day preschool here in town. More toys, more play and a little time for mommy to breathe and go to doctor appointments unattended. I know she’s gonna love it. It will be good for daddy to learn to let go (just a little) of his little girl because she has made it abundantly clear that she is growing up and is no longer a baby.

With the new little one coming in just a few short months we are also teaching her patience and to do things on her own (though she resists). She can keep her crib a while longer, but eventually she will need to give it up! She loves two things equally at this point, books and puzzles. We do the same puzzles over and over and she is so good at them. I’m thinking today that I’ll have to pick out one or two for her birthday party on Saturday (just us). We’ve already gotten her a pee-wee pillow pet just like her sister’s, but a wee panda. Lorelei really likes pandas for some reason. She also loves to play with her ugly babies and put them to bed and sing them to sleep. My favorite is when she’ll sing a Yo Gabba Gabba song; Baby Teeth Fall Out or Keep Trying. lol

We delight in her, to say the least, and look forward to what this next year will bring for Lorelei and our little family.

Happy Snow Days


We have had snow (our first) the last couple of days. The kids are loving it! It has snowed enough that Jason had to scrape and salt the driveway in order for us to take a trip to Walmart for gloves.


This was yesterday. Lorelei’s first time in the snow. I think the last time we played in the snow I was pregnant with her. Maybe pregnancy equals snow? lol She would pick a tiny bit up and then throw it down again and laugh.



I made my first snowman, I think ever, and it was hard as a rock! I threw it at Jason, he thoroughly appreciated it. We had ourselves a little snowball fight and then went inside. Snow is freezing!


This is our front yard this morning. Quite a bit more snow.


And the back with even more snow coming down. I took a few pictures of what our road to town looks like.




I’m off to go sledding!

My Girls

Noah has been with his dad now for about six months. During that time things have seemed temporary while we adjusted to the new dynamics of family life without him. An opportunity has recently come up for Noah to return to North Carolina, but he has chosen to stay with his father. This has made the situation feel permanent. It is difficult to let him go, but that’s what I must do. Noah will always be a part of our family as a whole, but right now our family unit is Jason, Nora, Lorelei, me and soon this new baby.

Over the last few weeks I’ve sensed a change in our family as it is now. We have relaxed around each other more. When Noah was here it was high stress almost constantly. It felt like a battle everyday, trying to teach him to become responsible, keep him out of trouble and on the right path. We had fun and spent time together, but there was always an edge to it. I know that it is different with Patrick. Patrick understands Noah like I understand Nora. Their time together is peaceful and he handles Noah’s misbehavior well. I am grateful that Noah has a place with Patrick and his family where he can be himself.

For us, I am beginning to see the family we could be, what family life should be like. We laugh and play together. Everyone has a role in the family and we fit together so well, peacefully. I’m sad that it wasn’t like this when Noah was here, but I’m glad it can be this way now. Of course, the kids still get in trouble, but it’s dealt with and forgotten. I believe there is a cycle to every parent/child relationship. Discipline and then restoration through the bond. The bond encourages trust and respect for one another. No matter what I tried, the bond just was not there at the level it needed to be with Noah. Jason tried too, but they are so different. With Nora and Lorelei the bond is there, so the cycle is complete.

On the way back from Florida last weekend, I began to make some decisions. The permanence of our new family life was settling in and I felt free to concentrate on the girls. I know that Nora needs more social outlets. She is a social butterfly and we spend a lot of time at home. I decided to make contact with one of her school friend’s mom. I am new to the whole playdate thing without it being related to a church network, so this is definitely outside of my comfort zone. I thought I could, at the very least, write a note for her friend to take home to her mom and then see what happens. I also decided to visit the local dance studio and enroll Nora in dance class. She loves music and dancing and I knew she would enjoy running around with other little girls her age. I was right. She is enrolled in a ballet/tap combo class for Kindergarten and First Grade. She had her first class Thursday evening and LOVED it! (I’ll post pics when she gets her full outfit)

It is also an opportunity for me to make friends, since I’ll see these same moms once a week, every week. Although, I can already tell that these dance classes are a culture in themselves. I received a few smiles and a wave goodbye, so there is hope. I also got a glimpse of Nora’s possible future self. The next class was a group of older girls all dressed in dance attire, walking gracefully and completely in their element. I was reminded of the dance classes I took and I hoped that Nora would make at least one friend and that they would not be mean to her like girls can be. She came out of class with four new friends, hugging one of them goodbye, so I think she’ll fit in well. I am so proud of her ability to make friends with anybody and coast through new situations. Lorelei was waiting in a different room with me and one of the little girls did not share well. She took some blocks from Lorelei and all Lorelei did was hang her head and pout her lip. She and Nora are so different.

Lorelei and I are back at home together after a few weeks of Nora being on Christmas break. Lorelei continues to increase her vocabulary and has become quite bossy. lol She asks things like, “wha’ you doin’, Mommy?” and “Dada too?” if we are going somewhere and she wants him to come along. She does something silly, like put a play purse on her head and then yells Nora’s name to get her attention (repeatedly, louder and louder) and then says, “look”, to make Nora laugh. She has also begun to have her baby need things. It is really funny. I washed the baby doll’s hands today! This morning, I asked Lorelei if she wanted a banana for snack and she said no, but indicated that her baby would like some. I cut up her banana and set it at her place at the table and then set baby in her seat. I walked away to see what would happen and no sooner did I take a few steps then Lorelei grabbed the baby and threw her on the floor. She climbed up into her chair and ate every bite of her banana. lol It’s all day with this baby. Baby needs a blanket and then Lorelei asks me to turn her nightlight on for baby. Nevermind that we are in the dining room and there is no nightlight.

I didn’t get this time with Noah or Nora. At first I didn’t want to be home when Noah was a toddler and then I couldn’t be when Nora was this age. I’m grateful to be able to stay home and to want to for the most part even though I am yearning to get back to learning something new. I’m taking a couple of e-courses and it is satisfying me for now. The baby will be here in a few months and I’ll be plenty busy. :o)

Random Pics

Life lately has been a little scattered, but here are a few random pics from my phone.

Baby girl in her little mittens!

Thanksgiving at the Grebs. Lorelei is finally happy to be held by Nana. It must be the necklace, or perhaps her beloved Lego man?

I got a call from the school nurse this morning. Noah was at P.E. playing hornet tag (tag with pool noodles) and ran into another boy and busted his head. The other boy’s ear was fine. Yes, his ear, who knew? We went ahead and chose the glue process as opposed to stitches or a butterfly bandage. Basically they super-glued his cut together and hopefully he won’t have too bad of a scar.

I guess this was our monthly trip to the ER. Nana Corrine was his nurse and got to hold him down while the N.P. treated him. We also got to see Jason for lunch. What an eventful day! I so needed a nap after that, but sadly, I did not get one. Thankfully, the baby has been sleeping better at night, so I finally feel like I am catching up on my sleep. She is almost 9 months now and starting to stand for a few seconds without holding on to anything. She’ll probably be walking by Christmas.

Let’s see if we can get through Thanksgiving without any catastrophes. :o)


We were just visiting last year when we attended Pumpkinfest, but this year we are residents attending one of the many community functions our town holds each year.

This is one of our favorite most especially because of the Pumpkin Roll. Basically you pick your pumpkin and roll it down a HUGE hill and whoever’s makes it the farthest wins! This year there were over 300 rollers!



As we were headed back to the car we spotted this crazy guy! A Tree! Noah was the only brave soul to grab a pic with Tree Dude and this is him sheepishly walking out of his clutches.


After lunch (and funnel cake!) we headed out to Hayesville for the Pumpkin Chunkin’. Participants build catapults (yes! actual catapults!) and sling pumpkins as far as possible. The one team who does this wins. The farthest was over 900 feet! Pretty awesome to watch. :o)


Afterwards the kids played in the two bouncy houses they had set up and Noah took a chance on winning a fish. I love this game, but was crossing my fingers that he did NOT make it into a bowl!


Here is where Lorelei hung out at the Pumpkin Chunkin’. We are getting good use out of the Ergo!


We enjoyed our day of family fun and I realized that we are rolling (ha!) into our busy season. Jason is headed to Florida this weekend to help my mom move and the kids and I will be headed to a Trunk or Treat. I have a feeling each weekend will be filled with something from now until Christmas. Woooh!

Afternoon Walk

We decided to take a walk up High Brace Rd (basically our neighborhood) on Sunday afternoon. It was uphill the entire way! lol Oh my goodness, our legs certainly got a workout, but it was worth it. The view was beautiful. We saw pinecones, large and small, and there was also a house for sale that we explored. Here are some pics from our adventure:

Group shot (minus the older kiddies) with Lorelei in the carrier.

Nora and baby pinecones.

The view.

The beautiful changing leaves. It is defnitely Fall here now. :o)