I like you ’cause you’re you

Jason only posts about the yard and controversial subjects. I love this about him. :o) He isn’t mean about any of it, stabbing his finger in someone’s eye saying, “you’re wrong dude!” He simply says, “Here’s what I think”.

I’ve been talking to God a lot about friendships. I would like a new friend here in Florida. As I am open to a new friendship God seems to remind me of the other people in my life. It’s funny because Bryant cam in from AL and then Lukie invited us over for 4th of July Rock Band celebration. It has been a while since I’ve seen them. Roger, Linda, Luke, Jason and Amie. My family for all intents and purposes. They haven’t seen Nora for over a year and Roger kept exclaiming that there was a little Dani running around! He also told the story of our first meeting again and again. I was three and showed up on there porch hoping for breakfast, which was next door, between 5 and 6 am one morning while my mom was fast asleep. Sound like anyone?

I was talking to my brother’s girlfriend and they had good friends who recently stopped being friends with them because they started going to church and Luke and Jackie weren’t Godly enough for them anymore. Really? Luke and Jackie are a better example of God’s love than most Christians.

This among other events started me wondering why I choose certain friends. At one point it seems all of my friends lived in another state. Did I choose people emotionally and physically unavailable? I started analyzing my choices in friendships. Recently there have been a few chicks that I’d like to get to know better, but why? We don’t have anything that brings us together on a weekly basis, like school or church or anything. What is it that sparks my interest in hopes of a friendship? Two examples: April. The common thread? We used to work together at Sbux and she helped me with knitting a couple times. She is different. Not just physically, but in her thinking as well. She’s got her ears gauged and she doesn’t shave her underarms-ever and I’m not positive she wears a bra. She reads the same books my mom does like vampires and such. I like her. Then there is Jackie. Common thread? She is my brother’s girlfriend. I rarely see them since they live on the NORTH side, wayyyy north. I live on the opposite end of Lakeland, wayyyy south. Anyway. She’s sweet and honest. They go to church, perhaps sporadically. She’s a new mom, with a one year old boy. I like her. I think I like these girls because they are genuine and accepting. I feel that we enjoy some of the same things, but that we could learn from each other. We view life differently and that’s okay. I recently spent time with someone and we disagreed on a particular subject and it was the best conversation I have had in a while, but because we don’t agree is one of the reasons we are not friends so much anymore. She doesn’t want someone who disagrees with her. Sometimes that is the best part of being friends! I feel like maybe I’ll have to give these new girls a disclaimer: I will not always agree with you and I may even point out an area in which growth may be needed, gently. Am I willing to accept the same from them? I think so. Jason will occasionally point out a flaw or two, gently, and I am grateful. He trust me enough to disagree with me. I trust him enough to hear what that opinion is and what that flaw might be. The best part is I know that he still loves me despite the differences of opinion and despite my irritating behaviors. ;o)

Another important question? Do friendships survive that phase of agreeing to disagree? My last friendship did not. Are we friends for seasons only? Out with the old in with the new? Lots to ponder.