Makeup in your 30’s

I’ve been wearing makeup since I was a teenager. My mom started me off right, coincidentally, by getting into Mary Kay right around that time. I got to play with her samples and attend a few of her first classes learning how to take care of my skin as well as what colors work for my coloring.

Putting on makeup as a young girl, or even taking care of your skin when you are younger is so easy! Pick a bottle any bottle, pick a color any color for the most part. You’re not usually hiding imperfections or “saying” anything with your application process, you’re just playing. That’s where Nora is at in the process. She has been wearing makeup for a couple of years now (she’s 11). She was very interested in it and would go to friend’s houses and come back with some godawful colored lipstick and I was like- no. Here is some pale, neutral colors, perfect your age and simple to apply. Here is a flattering nude pink lipstick that doesn’t make you look like a whore. Because whether we like it or not, there is still a stigma about makeup and the impression you are giving to society. She has since gotten a little more bold with her choices, with the help of her father and Christmas presents, but she makes good choices. We’ve had some lessons on makeup applications and she knows what’s acceptable for day and night. A lot of that is probably preference, but you don’t wear a cocktail dress to lunch, just like you don’t do dark makeup for a day trip.

I went through a relearning process after I had Henry. I didn’t quite know who I was anymore, thank you pregnancy, so I went through my wardrobe and learned some new makeup techniques that better fit who I was at that time. The kids are older now, I’m different now and older as well. I’m on the downhill slide to 40 and my face shows it, thank you stress and gravity.

At this point, I’m watching tutorials again, I’m buying different products especially if they say something like, anti-aging or fine lines on them. I’m super getting into masks. I think all of that goes along with my word for the year; self-care.

The biggest change I’ve made is lipstick. I have never really worn it, though I love chapstick. I didn’t believe that my lips are my best feature, so I didn’t bother. However, as you age, you lose pigmentation in your lips and ya need a little help. I follow a chick on ig that LOVES lipstick. She obviously believes that her lips are her best feature and is always sharing new colors, so I thought, perhaps it’s time to go down this rabbit hole.

I’m definitely a more natural product user, but green beauty is expensive and I didn’t want to blow money on something without a little research first. I picked out three colors at Walmart in a brand I like and tried them out. I picked a safe neutral, a cool, bold, pink and a warm, bold pink.

The warm, bold pink turned out to be my favorite. It was the one my gut told me to pick. (you get a terrible ig pic because apparently my phone hasn’t uploaded any pictures to the cloud since August and I deleted the other pics from my camera card without uploading them *facepalm*) The cool pink is still a fun color, but definitely out of my comfort zone.

What’s even more interesting is the reactions I’ve gotten from other women. I’m not good at reading people, but they glance at my lips a few times and seem confused, or constipated I really don’t know. A lot of women my age or older seem a little uncomfortable that I’m wearing lipstick. It definitely screams “I tried today”. I took that extra step to not only put on makeup, but to put on lipstick. It could be that they’ve never seen me in lipstick, so it’s weird? Idk. I’ve had compliments on that bold, cool pink color, which is fun because it’s the scary one to wear in public. I have started noticing when other people wear lipstick too. There was a girl at school and her choice of color was so pretty, but I didn’t say anything. I wonder if we should? Should we compliment lip colors? Is that too intimate an item to compliment? Wearing lipstick definitely feels like a conscious choice still and I can’t handle it all day, but I like it. The colors are pretty and it does make me feel a little more put together.

I wanted to continue my makeup journey, so I bought some new makeup brushes and a small eye palette of different neutrals. The brushes do make a difference. I have regular brushes that suffice for putting on some eye color and blush and whatnot, but the two eyeshadow brushes I purchased are different, one has an angle and the other is more bushy for blending, so I’m able to explore different ways of applying eye color. It’s fun!

Since I’ve been on the skincare kick and doing masks and stuff, I decided to try a green beauty concealer and a cleanser that is supposed to be amazing. I’ll let you know how that goes… It’s coming in the mail.

So, the yoga is going well, the makeup stuff is going, well I’m moming and schooling to the best of my ability and we finally bought this house. Self-care check.

Here’s a list of the items I’m loving currently and the two that I’ve tried and loved or have heard great things about. Some are natural and some are not.
Charcoal mask
Kiwi Sugar Scrub
Clay Mask (This one I don’t love as much, the smell is different and it’s a little too gentle)
One Love Organics cleanser
Well People concealer The concealer I’ve been using is the Almay smart shade concealer and I like it, but I need something better.

I am obviously not a beauty blogger and my choices are likely not your choices, but I thought I’d share in case you’re looking for some stuff to try. Choosing to take 15 minutes in the evening a couple nights a week to mask has been a tangible exercise in choosing to take care of myself. It’s a nice easy goal for those of us that take care of everyone first as a rule.

2018 Aspirations

I love January. I love the potential for a new start, a reboot, a change of mind and attitude. I’ve been choosing a word for the last few years instead of a resolution with intent on learning or becoming that one thing as a subconscious thought. 2016 was confidence, 2017 was responsible, and 2018 is self-care. 2015 had one, but I can’t for the life of me find that word!

I always make goals, but they aren’t usually specifically dated, more like what I want to accomplish that year. I do better with a list of possibilities. For example, I have nonfiction books I’d like to read, so I set a goal of one nonfiction book a month, but I haven’t chosen which book to read each month.

These are all books I own, that have been sitting on my bookshelf patiently waiting to be read or finished. I would also like to add a book on the Enneagram and a book entitled There is Nothing Wrong with You: Going Beyond Self-Hate by Cheri Huber and June Shiver, which should be really interesting…

I also have some photography goals, like skills I want to learn or explore and I decided to do a 365 project this year. I’ve been wanting to do one for a couple of years, but wanted to start in January and wanted to have the right project. I decided to keep it simple. I plan to take and post a picture everyday to my dgrebphotography instagram. My hope is to take the pictures with my big camera, but in a pinch my iPhone will suffice. I’ve learned over the years to be kind instead of rigid with myself.

I definitely want to continue learning handlettering, chalklettering, calligraphy etc. I really enjoy it and want to get better. I’m hoping I’ll also create some art projects this year, but I have nothing specific planned as of yet. I have two classes left for my degree and neither of them are art studio classes.

Lastly, I want to get back into yoga. My local studio has a Yoga 101 program that I hope to complete. With Jason done with school and my lighter load, I feel like self-care will be an easier choice. This past year we were in survivor mode, it’s difficult to make time or actually take time from what needs to be done in order to keep functioning. Yoga got put on the back burner this past year and I need a reboot.

If I complete even half of what I hope to accomplish this year, I’ll be overjoyed at making strides in a positive direction. I’m sure we’ll get a few things thrown at us this year, but for now, I’m excited about the possibilities.

…But, But, But I was told I could go to the gym.

Two weeks ago was dubbed Winter 2.0 because the kids only went to school for one day and we had enough snow to be stuck in the house and make a snowman outside. Surprisingly, the kids made it to school all last week with no delays! Tuesday morning was the first morning I had to get up early to take them to school at the regular time. Since the weather had calmed down, it wasn’t too bad. However, it’s looking like this week will be even worse; 2-4 inches by Wednesday. Sigh.

I wanna say this is our first bad winter. Last winter was just loong. We skipped over Spring and went straight into summer. The year before that we got some snow, but it was just pretty, not debilitating. This year has been our first taste of what it would be like to live farther north and I can definitely say, “no, thank you” to that! I was in need of tires on the van, so when the roads got covered in snow I was slip sliding all over the place. I got new tires as soon as I could make it out of our driveway and things were much better.

After a week of being stuck in the house with four kids I was ready for a break. I went to Asheville that Sunday and finally found some workout shoes! I have shoes, but they’re old and more for running, which I don’t do. I walk, spin, elliptical, lift, but I do not run. Not yet, anyway. Most shoes I found were for running, but I did find some interesting Sketchers called Go Walk 2. I love them! They are lightweight and flexible and very comfortable. I was able to get them at a discount shoe store for cheap too. :o)

I’ve been sick this past week, so even though I was free to leave the house I couldn’t go to the gym. I think that’s the hard part of going to the gym; keeping up your momentum. If you take a break, it’s hard to get back into it. With this snow I don’t know if I’ll make it again this week, although I enjoy it and would like to return. Darn you groundhog! Maybe we’ll do some yoga while we are stuck in the house or perhaps I’ll go sledding with the kiddos. At this point I’m just rolling with it.

One Week Working Out

It’s been about a week of working out. I’ve done Spinning and Tabata and enjoyed both. I took the weekend off (so sore!), but really missed it! So far this week I’ve tried Zumba (eww, no) and Tai Chi. I took another Spinning class solidifying my love for it and met with my personal trainer for orientation.

I so enjoy the classes that I kinda didn’t want to meet with the trainer who I know would just show me exercises with weights. I’m not really into lifting weights, so I went just to pick his brain about what I should be doing as far as classes go. He told me that the classes were mostly cardio and to gain strength I would have to use weights. He showed me a few exercises that I actually enjoyed and a place to work out other than the weight room. I don’t know about you, but I feel like unless you’re ripped and showing off, the weight room is intimidating. I started out with 5 lb weights… (Weakling I tell ya!) Surprisingly, I actually enjoyed working out with Mark, the trainer, and liked what he showed me. I may get with him in a month or two and see what else he’s got. For now, a couple classes and a couple days of uppers and lowers working out and I’ll be happy.

So far I still enjoy going to the gym. Lorelei loves going and Henry is getting used to it. It helps that the main girl is there everyday. She has a helper that rotates, but she’s always there and is very nice and friendly. I’m seeing some progress. I feel stronger and not as “foggy”, more alert and less fatigued. My body is beginning to take shape instead of staying a lump of squish. He did inform me that my belly would probably always pooch, much like a person who loses 100 pounds and has skin hanging from their arms (lovely!). I have lost a few pounds and can finally wear my wedding rings again. I always have to take them off the last month or two of pregnancy and sooner or later lose enough to put them back on. I think Spinning has been key to losing weight because my diet has not changed. I also got a couple of work out clothes from Target. They are having a big sale. I got a bra and a t-shirt with the whole Duo-Dry wicking going on. I like them both and I’m sure I will slowly add to my stash.

target shirt

The gym and kidzone is open on Saturday mornings, so this Saturday Jason and I are gonna have a little gym date while the kiddos play. Maybe even a delicious smoothie. Yum! Tonight I’m going to try the yoga class. It’s in the evening, so that will be sporadic unless I want to drag the kiddos with me (all four) after Jason begins his new job. I love yoga, so I don’t mind throwing it in there every now and then. Tomorrow I’m trying a new class with the phrase “boot camp” in it, so I’ll let you know how that goes…

Yearly Resolutions

I can’t say I get into making new habits for the New Year, but I do feel like it’s a time for making goals. This year is the year that Jason and I pay off his business debt. That’s our number one goal. Considering it has been three years since he closed his business it seems time. (For those of you guaranteeing business debt personally, let this be a lesson to you. The business is closed and Jason still owes money.) Another goal we have is to finish the list we started for the house.

playing together

“Move over kids, it’s time to do some yoga.”

A personal goal I have is to get in shape. Henry is almost seven months old and although I keep a lot of weight on while nursing, it’s time to start exercising. I do some stuff at home, but only sporadically. It’s hard to keep yourself accountable at home especially when taking care of littles. I went and watched Noah do sparring at karate last week and it looked like fun. I toyed with the idea of doing karate too last Summer when Noah began, but I took Physics instead. I enjoy learning new things, so I thought I would give it a try. I went Monday and Tuesday night to the adult karate class and it kicked my butt.

I was really nervous. For one, I’m definitely out of shape. Yoga I can do, but this is like push-ups and kicks and stuff. You are also barefoot during class, which feels very vulnerable to me. I showed up and began doing what these other guys (besides the one other newbie) have been doing for months or years and I didn’t even recognize myself. (Of course you are standing in front of a mirror the whole time…) I’m heavier than I have ever been, weak and a bit uncoordinated. Being a mom doesn’t call for a lot of gracefulness unless you count avoiding projectile spit up or the mopping waltz. After the warm-up we began to learn what they call the curriculum. We started with Short Form 1. It is a series of moves showing four different blocks. I did pretty good, actually. I went back Tuesday night and did punches and kicks while the rest of the class sparred.

My body is screaming in protest today at walking or stairs, so I’m definitely getting a great workout, but the one drawback is the time. It’s from 6-7p Mon, Tues and Thurs evenings. That’s a crazy time at home and right in the middle of the dinner, bed, bath routine. I’m back at 7p, so in time to put Henry down and jump right back in and help with the kids, but it’s still too much to put on Jason. The other option would be to join our local gym. That’s still on me to actually go, but it’s a little more accountability than just workout videos at home. I took a tour today and will be trying it for the next month. They have a variety of classes and childcare, so as long as the kids are happy, I will be too.

Weather permitting, I’ll be taking my first class tomorrow. Spinning! I kinda want to try all of the classes to see what will work for me. After going to the testosterone-filled karate classes and showing them my feet, I can try anything.

I love reading what one word you hope will describe this year, so if you’re into that, mine is discipline. What’s yours?