Stitches for Lorelei

We decided to go bowling on Sunday. It was yucky and rainy out and too cold to do anything else. Lorelei had been asking to go bowling for a while. We had been before and that time everyone had fun and I’m pretty sure Lorelei won.

We got there Sunday afternoon, got our shoes and put their names on the lane. I think Noah and Nora went once and then it was Lorelei’s turn. I went up to the snack bar to order some food and I heard a loud “thunk”. I turned around and Jason was hugging Lorelei consoling her. I thought she may have dropped the ball on her foot, so I was concerned. They don’t have toddler bowling shoes, they bowl in their socks. Turns out she had tripped. She seemed ok at first, but then we noticed she was bleeding under her chin. One look had us packing up and heading to the ER to get her stitched up! It was a bad gash, there is something about under the chin. Jason has a scar, I have a scar, come to find out the Vice Principal has a scar there too from a fall. Do you have a chin scar?

Cleaning it up

We got in pretty quick and the nurse cleaned it up with some saline. Lorelei was very cooperative, thankfully.

Laying and waiting for the doctor

The doctor came in and looked at it, asked some questions and then let us know that she would definitely need stitches. I asked about glue, since Noah had that and it was what I am familiar with and he replied that glue is for places that don’t move, basically. Noah got it by his eyebrow because he was old enough not to mess with it and that area doesn’t really move.

All stitched up

All stitched up!

She was so great throughout the procedure. Even during the shots of lidocaine. I’ve never gotten stitches or seen it done. It wasn’t too bad, but definitely not my favorite way to spend an afternoon. Especially when she is saying it hurts and Jason and the doctors say it doesn’t. I prefer the glue. It’s painful, but quicker and less traumatizing. We go back this weekend to get the stitches out. One cute thing is the doctor told her she was getting whiskers, just like daddy and the kitty! I’m thankful she cooperated and it wasn’t bad enough that we didn’t go back afterwards and bowl a game. Lorelei and I sat at the table, colored and shared some nachos. We had enough excitement for the day.

Nora’s visit to Daddy’s House

While Noah was here I had four kids and then he and Nora went to visit Patrick in Florida leaving me with two kids. Both situations were difficult at first, but by the end of the first week we were in the swing of things.

Lorelei and puzzle

Difficult puzzle

We went to the library as usual. I remember bringing Lorelei to the library in the stroller when we moved here two years ago. It’s nice to have some continuity. I can’t be as attentive to Lorelei now that I have Henry with us on these trips, but I do sit with her and do puzzles. She loves puzzles! I think the funny thing about Lorelei is that she will do the easy puzzles because they are there, but when it comes to the hard puzzles (you know the puzzles that give you very little clue to where the pieces go and are cut in odd shapes?) she will do those over and over again until she can place all the pieces by herself. She gets that from me. ;o)

We’ve been getting some things done around the house while Nora is at her dad’s. Jason completed the bunk beds for their room and we’ve moved Lorelei into the bottom bunk. We were prepared for a fight, but she was so excited to be sleeping in a big girl bed that she goes right down with no complaints. One night she laid down, but came out a few minutes later and told us she was “‘wake” as if there was no reason for her to be in bed. We explained that you lay down anyway (bracing for the tantrum that would follow) and she said ok and went back to bed. *fist pump*

Also, while Nora was gone, we redid their closet. We scraped the popcorn off the ceiling (worst job ever), painted the entire closet and put up new rods and shelving. I personally have found that a well organized closet is key to sharing a room. We also put a new counter top on the vanity in the bathroom, which was the last thing we needed to do in there for the renovation to be complete. In addition to all of that we cleaned out Lorelei’s old room and prepared it for Noah. His father has decided that Noah should come back to live with us.

Holding Henry

Kissing Henry

Another thing we planned to do was begin (again) potty training Lorelei. I tried about six months ago, but she just wasn’t ready. She had all the signs, but conceptually she just did not understand. We keep her in panties until bedtime and she’s doing rather well. *another fist pump*

Jason is going by himself in the truck on Sunday to pick up Nora and Noah. All of us piled into the truck would not be fun, especially as a third trip to Cordele (the halfway point between here and Florida). Lorelei and I will spend the day cleaning and preparing for them to come home around dinner time. This Summer has been interesting that’s for sure. One big change after another.

Park Play and Parade

We go to the park at least once a week and I let Lorelei crawl around the gazebo normally. This past week we were hanging out at the smaller play area and the baby swings were full, so I decided to let Lorelei crawl around the equipment instead.

She loved it!

I just love her little hands and I was trying to capture a picture of our hands together when she spit up right when I took it!

You’re welcome… lol

This past Friday was Veteran’s Day and Franklin has a parade in honor. Noah was out of school, so the kids, my mom and I headed downtown (in 30 degree weather again) to check it out.

It started with someone playing the bagpipes, customary it seems, and was followed by random vehicles and about six boyscout troops. It was actually pretty good. Over in about ten minutes and then there was a ceremony at the “pickin’ square” gazebo. (This town really enjoys its gazebos.) My mom wanted to watch at least some of the ceremony, but I knew the kids wouldn’t last. We still have Floridian blood! We stayed a few minutes to hear a prayer and what was supposed to be the National Anthem, but there was some technical difficulties. They finally just said, “why don’t we all sing together?”, and so we did. It was lovely. I think it was the most patriotic thing we could have done. It is wonderful to hear a talented person sing our Anthem, but for a group of random citizens to lift their voices in honor of those who have fought for our country, it was very unifying. I was so surprised to hear a heartfelt prayer beforehand. Not a “Lord bless the troops and the Vets, blah, blah, blah”, but a “bring the Holy Ghost” fervent prayer. This was not a Christian meeting, but a public one, and made me wonder when I turned into such an equal rights activist? On one hand I was appalled and on the other thankful for such a prayer.

It was a nice morning, albeit freezing, at least I finally got to wear the hat I knitted more than a year ago!

Sleepytime Update

The biggest change that we made was to move Lorelei’s bedtime up to 7am from 830pm. The other kids go to bed at 8pm, so we would get them to bed and then concentrate on getting the baby to bed. Now it is reversed and we not only have time to spend with the kids, we have a much needed break before hitting the sack. It feels less like a merry-go-round that we can’t get off by simply having that extra time.

So that was good, but I was staying home more often and realizing that Lorelei would be tired and unless she fell asleep while nursing, she didn’t nap and she definitely didn’t nap consistently or anywhere near a schedule. Red Flag! I started to do more research about sleeping at night and nap times and how much and when and came across a great article on The Sleep Site. I agreed with almost all of the information and although the attachment parents feel strongly about co-sleeping and not night weaning until 18 months, I’ve found that we are cry it out kind of parents.

I read up on sleep schedules and expectations, took the wisdom from raising two kids, and settled on a game-plan. I realized that Lorelei does not know how to fall asleep. I also realized that our “helping” her fall asleep was hindering the process and still making us crazy. If, at 3-4-5am she doesn’t go back to sleep while nursing, then she won’t go back to sleep until she is ready to nurse again and falls asleep on the boob usually 1-2 hours of screaming later.

I started this week with working on naps. Once I saw that she was tired; e.g. yawning, rubbing eyes, fussy, I would go put her down for a nap. If she needed to nurse, I would keep her awake through the session and lay her down awake. She would cry and I would wait patiently going in every 5 minutes to tell her quickly and concisely that it was nap time, lay her down again pat her back and walk out of the room. It takes about 20 minutes, but she does fall asleep on her own.

At bedtime we’ve started a bath, quiet time, singing, nursing routine and repeat the nap time thing until she falls asleep. My hope is that she’ll learn to put herself back to sleep and won’t wake so often to nurse and won’t wake for crying sessions at all. If the nursing sessions (4-5 a night) continue, we will take away the pacifier and/or start night weaning. We definitely wouldn’t do a cold turkey kindof thing with the night weaning and we would prob start with no paci’s at naps. She can already put it back in herself, I don’t want to get to the point where she’s asking for it and angry about it being gone.

So, that’s where we are at with that. It was interesting the way it was put in the article I read: going to sleep in one environment (on the boob) and waking up in another (in the crib) is like falling asleep with a pillow and waking with it gone. (That would suck.) Another example was what if you ate lunch everyday at 11am and then one day it changed to 1230pm? (That would also suck.) You’d think we’d be pros by now, but each child is different and we are different with each child. I think they do that on purpose. ;o)

Sleep, Blessed Sleep

My child will not sleep. In some ways I feel like this is my first time around the mulberry bush simply because we are breastfeeding. It changes the relationship so much when you breastfeed. Not only are you food, you are comfort and not only do you comfort, but there is this separation encouraging bond that is formed.

I am totally on board with getting up a couple of times a night. I know that night feedings are packed with nutrients and that’s also what keeps Aunt Flow from coming to visit, but lately the sleepless nights have been out of control. We are getting up every hour with her screaming in between and none of us are sleeping (except the other kids, of course). Then we are all exhausted and cranky and I’m getting depressed because I stay at home all day with this fussy-butt wondering where did my happy baby go? After a particularly bad night Lorelei took a three hour nap the following morning and afterwards my happy baby was back! It was obviously time for some changes.

I recently read this post about night weaning. I have read conflicting things about night weaning and most agree that unless the child is doing it on their own, then twelve months is the earliest a child should sleep through the night. I’m cool with that. I don’t want to wean her, but I do think some boundaries need to be set that helps her learn to be away from me at night and go back to sleep without nursing during the night. This other article (more general than specific information) suggests that she is capable for sleeping longer periods. My thought, as she was screaming between 11p-12a last night, was that she (at 7 1/2 months) should be able to go 3 hours without eating. She has gone four and five and used to go six, so I figure this is a pretty safe starting point. Once we have that down we can push it back further to 4 hours and eventually she will be night weaned (hopefully on her own). She fell asleep at 12a, so at 1a when she woke up again, I gave her her paci and told her to go back to sleep and then so did Jason, taking turns until she fell back asleep and slept until 330a. That’s 4 1/2 hours between feedings! I fed her and she went back to sleep and woke back up a half hour later, so we started the-comfort-go-back-to-sleep routine again and she fell back asleep until 7a. Yay! She then went back down for another hour until it was time to take Jason to work. I think this is great progress!

I was a much happier camper the next day having gotten a little more sleep than we have been. Last night there was less crying and more sleeping, but she does that on occasion. Our goal is some consistency.

Now that we are moving into toddlerville, a lot of changes need to take place. One thing is closing doors to rooms we don’t want her in, like the bathroom. Another is getting our craft area cleaned up and some games put away. She chews on everything and is starting to put little stuff in her mouth. The main thing will be me getting up earlier. She gets up around the time that Jason gets up to get ready for work. He does the morning routine with the kids, but after that it’s all me. I am not a morning person. I do not enjoy waking up before daylight or even talking to anyone (including my wonderful husband) first thing. I have never enjoyed this aspect of child-rearing. Noah used to wake up at 6am every morning! EVERY MORNING. No matter what time he went to bed. He has pushed that time to 7a, but not he has to get up at 620a to catch the bus, ahh sweet revenge. lol

I’ve heard a lot of stories about these amazing women who get up at 530am to drink their coffee and prepare for the day, but I’m a night person! I love it when I’m the only one awake late at night, watching something on Netflix or reading in the quiet, but I must adapt. Sigh. I read a quote the other day about staying home that described it as, “being alone without the benefits of solitude”. Totally. And I have come to enjoy a little bit of solitude. This time of neediness will not last forever and I will reminisce about these baby days when she is older, but for now I am IN IT and trying very hard to stay present and enjoy what I can. She is super cute, so I try to soak up the cuteness for the times she is screaming and pulling my hair.

Growing and Changing

More enjoyable than watching our little girl start to crawl is seeing the look of delight on Jason’s face with each effort. I love watching her grow and change, which seems to happen almost daily, and it warms my heart to see her Daddy so proud of her.

Watching Lorelei reminds me of Noah, who did not do a typical “crawl”, he used his elbows to scoot like a Marine under tripwire. It is amazing how different each child is even from birth. We caught Lorelei’s clumsy first movement on video (like a hundred times), so here is one picked randomly:

On another note, we have been using cloth diapers for a while now. We have our system pretty down pat, but we were still using disposable wipes. I say were because my amazing mother-in-law took some of the receiving blankets I had and a baby towel or two and voila! She made about 30 cloth wipes (It took her an hour, like I said, amazing)! I looked up cloth wipe solution recipes and chose the “Olive ‘n’ Tea Tree” recipe. Olive Oil, baby soap, water and a few drops of Tea Tree oil and we were ready to go. I spent $8 on Tea Tree oil, it should last forever and we will not be buying wipes or having to have two separate garbage cans in the nursery (one for the diapers and one for the wipes)anymore. Yay! Simplify! lol


Lorelei is getting to be on a schedule now and around 530p-600p she gets sleepy. That is also the time that I am cooking dinner and Daddy is holding her, so she usually falls asleep in his arms. Aren’t they both too cute?

Peas Please

Lorelei is starting to show signs of being ready to eat food. I’ve given her a few things from my plate to try and she seems very interested. I want to get to a point where I make my own baby food for her, but we aren’t there yet. We don’t always eat things that she is ready for, so I grabbed a couple of jars of baby food while at the store to see how she would do. Tonight, on the menu, is peas. :o)

What do you think? There’s a party in my tummy! lol She really wasn’t that impressed, but she kept opening her mouth for the spoon. She seemed thoroughly confused by the taste.

We’ll see how it goes. I skipped the silliness of rice cereal and although I thought I might wait a few more months, she seems ready. The kids are definitely enjoying watching her learn to eat.