My Handy Honey

The nearest Ikea is about 3 hours away. :o( I saw this bench looking table when I was there last and knew that it would be perfect in our new home for a number of reasons. First, our living room is large and in order not to cover up a window the couch needs to “float” towards the middle leaving extra space. Secondly, the kids need a space to play play-doh, do water coloring, and draw without having to take up space on the dining room table or worry about messing anything up or moving things like placemats out of the way every single day all day.

So I says to my honey, “can you make me this?” And he is on it because he totally rocks. :o) We went to Lowe’s and picked out the wood, he cut it out and had it ready to put on the wall, but then we realized that in order for them to play with Play-doh on it it would need to be polyed. That would be my job, so it sat in the living room for a week or two until I got around to staining and polying it. That process took two days, including drying time, and this past Saturday Jason was finally able to put it on the wall. Here is Nora trying it out for the first time:

The plan is to make large pillows for them to sit on (or kneel most likely since that is how they usually sit) because then we won’t have to worry about differing heights or scratching up the floors. The last couple of days have been nice because they now have their own area to play whenever they would like and my table has stayed clean.

My Handy Honey

I’m soo glad to be done with that camp bucket!! lol Now, every other day, I have a system of washing the diapers. I even have the washer setup with a favorite setting. It makes it so much easier!

I can tumble dry the diapers on low, but the sun drying is what gets the stains out. There isn’t much sun here (atleast these last two weeks) and the sun we get in the yard is sporadic. I could be running around the yard (which is downhill and technically downstairs!) all day moving the drying rack around and still have wet diapers. Jason decided to take advantage of an unused pulley system his Dad had and set me up with a clothesline. Thanks Dad! :o)

Now I just walk five feet from the washer out onto the porch and hang my diapers which are dry in no time…on the sunny days of course.

That’s not all. Do you see that purple bag? He sewed that bag and hung it there for me. It is full of clothespins and just above that is a nail that holds the thingamabob that keeps the line from separating, because if I drop anything I have to go around to the front of the house, down the stairs, around to the back of the house, pick up what ever I dropped (which is now covered in red clay) and back up to the clothesline again, so I’m real careful. ;o)

My Handy Honey

Jason has been doing so many things around the house that I thought I might showcase them. Even if I am the only one who thinks they (and him) are super neat. :o)

I have forced myself to embrace what we have and to stop waiting until we can get the things I would like for the house. By surrendering that silliness and putting up our pictures and curtains (albeit the wrong colors) it has made a huge difference in helping to make this house feel like our home.

The first item on the “honey-do” list was a large collage in the dining area. Most guys (and gals) can swing a hammer and hang a picture, but my honey busts out the level, a pencil, his ruler and does the math. I laid out what I wanted and he put it perfectly on the wall. This warms my heart because he knows how important it is to me that the frames be symmetrical. lol

He did such a great job! The whole time he was hanging these he had his pencil behind his ear for the moments that he needed it. Here is Lorelei already wanting to be like Daddy.