A Rainy Walk

I always seem to talk the family into a late evening walk that turns into a late evening drench. I’ve been wanting to see this view since the leaves began to change, but it is a pretty long and steep walk to get there. Not to mention we have to stand on somebody else’s porch to see it.


I hold the phone and Noah pushes the camera button. Such concentration! lol

Henry has the best ride

Jason did the pushing of the stroller with Henry and Lorelei getting to ride.

The view
The fog stops the view, but you can see that most of the leaves are gone by now and the colors this year are deep and rich as opposed to year before last’s brightness.

The Raking of the Leaves


Enough leaves have fallen that it was getting dangerous to leave them on the ground. The wind blows them onto the driveway and we slip on them as we’re walking or driving. Everyone except Henry and I pitched in (even Grandma) to rake them all into a big pile to play in and then burn. We have so many leaves!


That morning I went and got a hair cut. Yay! I was sorely in need. I’m still trying to decide what to do with the color.


Henry, spent some time playing in the jumperoo. He loves to bounce. I love a break from holding him once in a while. I was sick on Friday, so sick that Jason came home a little early and I crashed on the couch oblivious to the world. I was able to get some sleep that night and felt a little better Saturday morning. I also got some raw, local honey and mixed it with cinnamon and took a spoonful. I heard it is supposed to help and until my elderberries come in and I can make elderberry syrup I’ll take it. Jason must have eaten something bad because Sunday afternoon he came down with an upset tummy and all the makings of food poisoning. He’s missing work today and I’m a bit of a grumpy butt because I’m still sick too. Happy Veteran’s Day!

An Outside Habit


Lorelei asked to take a picture together.

The weather has been beautiful lately. Cold in the morning, enough for a sweater, and still cool in the afternoons. All the leaves are changing and the wind is blowing them down. It’s lovely to see the leaves float to the ground and hear the crunch as you walk over them.


She then asked to take a picture of Henry and I, this is the result.

Lately we’ve been gravitating outside at some point in the day, usually after lunch. Fall is so brief, I think we want to soak up as much of it as we can before it turns too cold.


Lorelei playing with her hula hoop.

A short video of the falling leaves. Pay no attention to the crying two year old in the background. ;o)