In Your Face!

Nora has a bit of a…umm…personal space issue. She doesn’t see the need for it. For you or for her, in fact (in her mind), the closer she is to you the better…at all times. This goes for everyone including Lorelei and apparently including the cats.

I let her snap a few pics the other day and this is what she came back with:

Rosie, who happened to be asleep on her bed.


Harley, who happened to be asleep on my bed.

Poor kitties. :o)

Fall Frenzy!!

I don’t normally do stuff like this, but it was 36 degrees this morning and it is dawning on me that Fall is here and Winter is coming. Now, I may not truly know what that means in terms of the chill factor, but I do know it means that I’m gonna need warmer clothes. Let me rephrase that- I get to wear warmer clothes, like until I hate them and am longing to be able to wear flip flops! WooHoo!!

My recent trip to Portland (they seriously know how to layer) has me excited to add to my dismal wardrobe for the upcoming season and here are a few things I love!

I realize that this Winter will be a huge learning experience and at the cusp I am so ready and willing to embark on this journey (although come December I will probably be having a tantrum every time I will have to go pick up Noah from the bus stop). I have lived in cold weather before, but something tells me this is going to be different. Different good, right? ;o)

Alternative to Ponies

I wear a pony almost everyday and I get kinda sick of the look. I like my long hair except on the days that I want to chop it all off!! lol I discovered a new blog with a cute chick that has had a couple of simple hair tutorials on her website. One is for curls and the other a “messy bun”. I have tried the bun and although I have EXTREMELY thick hair that resists bobby pins, it actually looked pretty cute.

Here are the links!


Messy Bun:

Have fun!