I Started Out Staying Home

I started out yesterday with plans to stay home. But then…

Lorelei told me her ear hurt, so I had to make a doctor appointment.

Lorelei at doctors


Noah forgot the stuff I bought his class for Pioneer Day, so I had to drop it off.

My tamale pot came in only to have a huge dent in it, so I packed it back up and had to drop it off at the post office.

Tamale pot dented

I sold my Ergo, so I made plans to meet up at 5p with the person buying it.

I left the house at 1230p and didn’t come back until after 5p. I figured, while we were out, we might as well kill a little time at the park. I have such monkeys nowadays.



Lets see if I can stay home today. The laundry is piling up!