Last of Our Stuff


Sunday we went to Papa’s (our old house) and grabbed the last of our stuff from the storage/work area beneath the house. I think there is one more load of stuff we don’t have to have right now, but it isn’t immediate.


Papa had a fire going and you can part of the coop that we don’t need at the new house.


Henry was amazed by all the leaves. He laughed so hard hearing them crunch under his feet. (So, so happy we don’t have to rake all of those anymore!)

Noah and Nora

Noah going through his “walking sticks” and Nora asking Papa if she can throw a huge stick she found on the fire.


Lorelei playing. They love seeing their Papa and we are happy to be done with the switch. :)


(Sorry for the blown out phone pics. Impromptu documentation and bad metering.)

Peaceful Evenings


One cool evening while I was making dinner, I caught Jason outside enjoying the porch while Henry ran around (he loves it out there). It was perfect weather. We spend quite a bit of time out there and Lorelei and Henry enjoy their afternoon snack on the porch most days. I think it’s the sunshine. The porch on our old house was under the roof, this one has a clear roof, so the sunshine still comes through.

We are loving the house. We have space to play and be separate and although we’re still figuring out paint colors and where some things should be put, we are very happy with the move. In the old house we were all together, all the time, but here there is space for individual time with each other by happenstance. Noah will be in the shower and Nora will come up and talk or practice sign language with me. Lorelei can play in her room without Henry all up in her “bidness”. Jason and I aren’t hovering over the kids to get their baths and everything completed and into bed, so I think they are feeling a little more relaxed as well. One of the best things is that one of the kids can have a tantrum in their room and we barely hear it, so it doesn’t last as long or escalate like it would in the old house where we had to bear the yelling and pouting because it was right in our face. The kids still play outside too. I don’t let Lorelei play outside by herself, but the three bigger kids go outside and explore like they would at our old house. We are still easing into our day to day and it feels right and peaceful.

The New House

The house

Our new home! Jason’s father built this house about six years ago. We are currently in the process of switching homes while his dad builds a few other houses including one for himself. It is working out really well, so far. I took these pictures just before we started moving in the following weekend.

Front door

Side view

The view from the right side of the house.

The shed

There is a shed in the back of the house that is a perfect workshop for Jason.

Dog/chicken yard

Jason’s dad fenced in this area for his dogs, but it is now our chicken area! The chickens are loving it!

Our yard

This is the back yard. It has a steep slope and then a level area. I’m not sure what we will do with it yet.


We are loving this house more everyday.

Baby Gate Obstacle Course

Lorelei and Henry
I love the light in this house. These two love the stairs.

There are two sets of stairs and three levels in this home. The bottom floor is where the majority of the bedrooms are as well as a bathroom and the laundry/utility rooms. The second floor is the main living area and the top floor is the master bedroom. Wednesday was laundry day. I do Jason’s and my laundry all in one day if I can swing it. That meant trekking up and down the stairs no less than eight times. That meant moving baby gates or hopping over them holding a full laundry basket and trying not to step on a child who desperately wanted to climb the stairs or follow me.

Lorelei and Henry

We put the baby gates up further so that Henry gets used to them and if he slips it is only a step or two and not twelve. He’s getting really good at the stairs and wants to practice A LOT. He hand and foot walks up them (with one of us trailing behind ready to grab him) and tries to slide on his belly backwards. He can walk down them if he holds the wall or someone’s hand. Jason will be installing a second handrail within Henry’s reach to aid in his learning to navigate the stairs. I’m hyper aware of the gates and making sure they are secure, but I look forward to the day they come down!

Moving is Super Fun

BoxesBoxes. Boxes everywhere.

It took two full days to move my FILs stuff out and our stuff in, including swapping refrigerators and washer and dryers and boxes. Lots and lots of boxes and more boxes. It’s so cute how the first round or two of packing is done well. Everything is packed perfectly and labeled accordingly and then you get to that point where you throw in ALL the things!

Thankfully, Jason’s dad helped. I’m strong, but I’m not THAT strong, you know? My BIL came over to help move the big stuff on the second day as well while I went to Asheville to pick up the kiddos who were with Grandma. My mom came over Saturday afternoon and took all four to her house for Henry’s first overnight. I’m so proud of her. I’m an only child, but she handled four like a champ. That was a lifesaver considering we went well into the night and the only bed that was set up was ours.

What I’ve noticed about this house:

  • It’s a little scary at night.
  • The internet is a little slower.
  • The cell service is horrible.
  • We have so much room.
  • We need a LOT of nightlights.
  • It’s peaceful here.

Last night, after baths in a real tub and Jason set up four beds; one crib, one bunk bed, one box bed, one frame bed. We went around and said goodnight to everyone. The kids seemed relieved. They each have their own rooms. They definitely aren’t set up yet, besides the bed and Nora only has 75% of her walls completed, but I think they feel peaceful here too. Now back to the chaos that is living out of boxes for the next few days.

The List

We have a list of projects that need (and have needed) to be done to the house and some good intentions for completing it, but they’re such boring tasks! Paint the baseboards? Ugh. Paint cabinets? Yuck! Good thing we’ve given ourselves a year to complete it! One task a weekend should do it.

Here’s the list:

  1. Paint all baseboards
  2. Replace old (cream) plates and switches for white ones
  3. Replace front and backdoor handles
  4. New linoleum in laundry room
  5. More shelving and new pantry shelves in laundry room
  6. Paint laundry room
  7. Clean up/out downstairs area
  8. Finish insulating Noah’s closet
  9. Finish painting the kitchen and cabinets
  10. New garbage cans in kitchen
  11. Paint master bathroom and cabinets
  12. Recaulk master bathroom
  13. New linoleum in master bathroom and fix creaky floor
  14. Paint the office
  15. Repaint the girl’s room
  16. Repaint the kid’s bathroom

You may notice that these are all cosmetic or quick fixes. These projects are not huge overhauls like replacing the master bathroom countertop or laying tile, that’s because we’re realizing that we are outgrowing this house. Our aim is to eventually sell and move to a home with more bedrooms. Because of the ages and sexes of our children an eleven year old and a one year old sharing a room (can be done, but) would be difficult.

Planking the bedroom wall was a huge project, but with such a great payoff. We love it and enjoy it everyday. Painting the baseboards…not so much. Here’s to New Year’s motivation!


One very windy day at our house a tree fell. I actually watched it happen from my porch. It was a small tree in terms of circumference, but also a very tall tree. It fell across the driveway and we had a little bit of a mess for a day or two. It got us thinking, what about the rest of the trees surrounding our house? What if they fall? I expressed this fear to Jason and he gave his dad a call and asked him to come over and have a look-see and perhaps use his chainsaw to cut a tree down if needed.
Well, the look-see became a yard day, became three yard days. It’s funny how that works. The first day Charley and I surveyed the yard and chose trees and bushes (Holly, so much Holly!) that needed to come out. We also agreed that the leaves needed to go. Charley is such an amazing guy that he set to work right away and even began to rake the leaves in the front yard. Jason and I would look at the yard and just be overwhelmed with the prospect of raking it and then there was the issue of what to do with the leaves once they were in a pile. This ain’t Lakeland, where they have yard days once a week and you aren’t allowed to bring the leaves to the “recycle center” either. So what? Burn them! Burn ALL the leaves!!
That first day broke the spell and it seemed doable. Charley said he would come back on Saturday and continue with the yard work with the help of Jason and Noah. That Saturday they set to work hauling branches to the burn pile and raking leaves on a small tarp and dragging them to the burn pile too. The plan worked and with a little help from the leaf blower to bring oxygen to the fire the leaves were gone in no time. It was a very productive day.
The front yard was pretty much taken care of that day which left the side and back yard to deal with the following weekend. Charley showed up and it was decided that he would concentrate on cutting down trees and cut he did! I dubbed him The Chainsaw Massacre-er he cut down so many trees, but boy did they need it. He cut down a couple of large trees, but he also cut down a lot of the smaller trees that were either dead or simply crowding the other trees and stealing their nutrients. The result was a LOT of branches on the ground, but a much cleaner view of the back yard. We also began raking the leaves in the backyard and they would burn, but the branches were too green to catch. We weren’t able to burn the branches and that has been left for another day. Yard Day 4 perhaps?

It already looks so much better and as Charley was cutting down trees and I was taking pictures, I was surprised at the realization that all of this began with a felled tree. We wanted to clean up the yard, but didn’t know where to begin and with the little amount of time that we have to do things, it sadly never became a priority. That is of course, until that windy day. I am grateful to God and the wind and wonder what other little things have happened to set big things in motion. I’m sure I could go back over my life and what seemed like a minor annoyance could very well have been a cataclysmic event set in motion. (Or a minor annoyance, who knows?) I may never see the reason or result of some things that happen in my like (or other’s lives), but I can appreciate this glimpse and take the time to be thankful; thankful for wind, a beautiful home, hardworking relatives and time to be annoyed. I am also thankful that there is work to be done. It seems we will never really be finished, but isn’t that the point?


After a week of craziness, on Sunday, we stayed home. All day long we did the things that hadn’t been done in a while, like CLEAN and BURN (we burn our boxes and such instead of throwing them in the garbage) and I finally got the sewing machine moved out of the bedroom, so I can actually use it! So excited!

We moved our bedroom around as well and it feels much more like a bedroom instead of a throw-it-all-in-there room. I still need to paint! And of course all of this cleaning and moving around reminds me of the long project list that still needs to be completed.

1. Nora’s Toybox
2. Noah’s room
3. Our room
4. Our bathroom

1. Noah’s closet
2. The ikea thing (which holds all of the crafty stuff)

The everyday things take up most of our time and when we get to the point of doing a project, we are just so tired. lol

Oh well, it is Monday and we will try, try again!

That Vacant Yellow Wall- No Longer!

Remember this wall?

Well, when I painted it I already had a project in mind. I could see it in my head, but just needed to get the right tools to make it happen. I found a frame at a thrift store for $5 which had this picture in it:

If you recognize it, you spend way too much time at Target. :o) I then picked up some material for another $5 (I called it canvas, but I think it is linen) a foam board ($3) and cute little baby clothespins ($2).

All on different trips to three different stores within a 3 month span of time. I already had the pictures from a great little etsy shop called Little Brown Pen. They also have a neat Blog of the same name. They had a sale and I snatched up a collage. This was right before the move, so I’ve been thinking about this project for a long time!

The only thing left was figuring out how to put it all together. First, I had Jason’s help tearing out the old picture. Good thing too because it was a beast! Corrine mentioned a way to attach the clothespins, by cutting a little slit in the material, so one day this week when I already had the rotary cutter out I decided to give it a go. I cut the foam board, wrapped the material, measured and cut the slits and glued the clothespins in place. I then picked out my favorite six pictures out of the nine I had originally (9 was too many) and voila the project was complete. All I needed was a handyman to place it on the wall.

Here it is in perspective, just off of the kitchen:

and a close-up…

I’m pretty happy with it and since I have a long list of uncompleted projects it is a good reminder of how nice it will be to have the others completed.

Butter Yellow

Remember this mirror? Charley made one for each of us girls for Christmas.

I decided to paint it Butter Yellow along with this hallway.

I like it!

Here is a close-up:

Looks like you can slice off a piece and put it on your toast! lol