One Year

Today is Jason and I’s anniversary. It is hard to believe that a year ago today Jason and I were walking down the aisle and about to be on our way to New York. Foot loose and fancy free! A lot has happened since then!

We decided it would be nice to have lunch at The Terrace to celebrate and asked my mom to watch the baby (Noah and Nora were at their dad’s). It was very nice. Jason and I talked about how quiet his life was before he met me. (ahhh, the life of a bachelor) It was hard to leave the baby for the first time, but it was nice to be alone together. The food was excellent and the server brought out a complimentary chocolate lava cake for dessert for our anniversary. Yum!

After lunch we tiptoed upstairs to the ballroom to reminisce and found Ryan, the catering director, who actually remembered us. It was nice to see him and he raved about our reception and said how he still shows brides our pictures. It is nice to know we left an impression. :o)

It was so fun planning the wedding and it turned out to be such a perfect day. Who knew what the year would hold? I am very happy Jason and I met and I’m sure we have more big changes to come! Even after the chaos of this year I am still madly in love with my husband and look forward to many more anniversaries!

New York

We arrived late in the evening. An hour later than we were supposed to and it had been a long day. We had been planning our honeymoon trip for months, so to actually be there in the city was awe inspiring to say the least. Once we landed, we took a shuttle that got us a few blocks closer to our hotel.

At first, the city looked to me like Tampa. It was dark and dirty with large buildings in the distance. I would later figure out that we were in Queens. The closer to Manhattan we got the brighter the lights and more impressed I became! We got let out at Grand Central (a beautiful building) and trekked the few blocks to our hotel, with luggage rolling behind us. Our hotel turned out to be very nice and quite accidentally in the perfect location for our trip. The main Subway, the no. 6, was right near the doors to our hotel. We would get very acquainted with the No. 6.

We settled in and grabbed dinner at a known place, California Pizza Kitchen. We were starving and it was delicious!

The next morning we grabbed breakfast and planned our trip. We learned that it would be nasty weather for the next few days, but we didn’t care-we were in NYC!! We first checked out Grand Central Station and Times Square. I rather liked Times Square, I thought I wouldn’t, but it is so big with all kinds of shops which reminded me a little of Downtown Disney. The Naked Cowboy was nowhere to be seen. I assume it was a bit too chilly for him!

We then took a subway to the Museum of Natural History. This was located in a different part of the city which was very beautiful. At the museum, we got to see huge dinosaur bones and explore different cultures and beliefs. It was very interesting and very TIRING! Plus, it was the weekend and there were families everywhere. I got to hear a lot of different languages that day. We found a great little restaurant for dinner where I had the best Sangria ever. It was called Spring Sangria , special to the restaurant, that I wish I remembered! We sat by the windows and watched the people walk by. Our waitress reminded me of the friend on How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. I would have mentioned this to her, but I found that the servers in this town are all business!

The next day was our only day to go to the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) because it would be closed the next day and then we would be leaving. We got there and omg, there were blocks of people standing in line to get in and it was already crowded inside!! We decided to skip it (I was so sad!) and head to Soho instead. I read a neat blog and wanted to visit the yarn shop where all of the ideas come from. Soho is also very different from Times Square. It has a Portland feel to it that made me miss my friend. I got some beautiful yarn and asked for a good place to eat lunch. They pointed us across the street to a place called Local. It was so great. It had a variety of organically and locally grown produce and very interesting sandwiches. One of my favorite places so far and it was so tiny! I think it sat six at the most and the menu was written strategically on the wall in chalk. :o) Loved it! It rained all day, but that didn’t stop me from taking pictures.

On Tuesday, we had hoped that the rain would stop, but it turned out to be the worst day! It was raining hard for most of the day, so much that we had to break down and buy an umbrella! Our plan was to go see Lady Liberty, and we did, but only from afar. I had done something to my knee the previous day and could barely get up the Subway stairs! It was a yuck day. Had it been sunny or at least not raining we might have taken the ferry to liberty Island, but instead we took a few pics and headed back. I did some research and found that the Metropolitan Museum of Art was open and we decided to head over there and take a peek. It was our last day and we maybe had two hours to see everything. A lady stopped us once we got close to the museum to point us in the right direction. She also gave us some lovely advice about the pricing at the museum. It is a recommended price, which means you could give them a quarter if you’d like and they still have to let you in. We did see a few people who did this… The suggested price is $20 a person! We didn’t give them a quarter, but we didn’t give them $40 either. Like I said, we only had two hours until closing.

Wow. That’s all I can say really about the museum. I am glad we decided to go and I am also glad that we didn’t make it in to MoMA. The Met was beautiful and the exhibits incredible. There was so much to see that you could spend DAYS wandering. They had period scenes of living rooms and such in the 1870’s and earlier. The artwork was unbelievable and even though I didn’t get to see a Monet or Picasso, I was mesmerized. I enjoyed it very much even though the museum workers were so RUDE! Seriously!

We got up Wednesday morning and got ready to leave. I was exhausted and really missed the kids. Again we made our way down the streets and Subways to the shuttle that would take us to the airport. With only a few hiccups, we made it (with only 15 minutes to spare before takeoff). I can safely say that my husband and I thoroughly enjoyed our honeymoon. ;o)

Wedding Day Thoughts

I t wasn’t anything like I imagined it would be and yet it was perfect. I had thought about the day for longer than the 6 months it took me to actually plan the event, so parts of it were surreal and most of it made me very nervous. You pick pieces of things and hope that they come together. You envision the colors and the sights, sounds and smells and it is never quite exactly what you pictured, but sometimes it is better.

When all of the girls were together getting ready, I was nervous, yet calm. My hair and makeup were done and Jason was taking care of the preparatory details. I can’t tell you how awesome it is to be able to give someone a responsibility, a delegation of your hard work and vision, and have them complete it fully. Jason rarely lets me down and it is wonderful. I had done the bulk of the planning and spending, he took delight in setting his groomsmen to finish the details. It was strange only needing to worry about getting ready and down to the room where the ceremony would be held. At that point everything either had been delegated or would be as the day went on. That loss of control made me both anxious and relieved.

The kids behaved so well during the ceremony. It was a small room, so any noises practically echoed. We had been talking with them about the wedding and their part in it and about Jason becoming their Stepdad, weeks before the wedding. They seemed happy and adjusted to this new fact. The vows that were heard came from the heart and were easily written and spoken. The room was intimate and sweet. It had the feeling that this is how it should be; two people, right for each other in every way, courting and learning each other, choosing to spend their lives together.

We had an impromptu receiving line in the middle of everyone progressing from the Mezzanine. It was nice to see everyone and get to hug and thank them for coming. We got started a little late and Noah had come to the doors of the ceremony room and yelled that we “weren’t ready yet”. Noah looked adorable in his suit and Nora so grown up in her dress! Our friend Brittany watched them during most of the reception. We had a lot going on, so I was grateful.

Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and the food I picked out. We started off the dancing with a slow song and then a fast song came on that CLEARED the dance floor! I was left with Nathan and Jackie, Jason and I! OMG. I couldn’t do it. I was too embarrassed to dance up there by ourselves! Thankfully, some very good friends from the church joined us! It was so much fun! We did the electric slide and the cha-cha slide. That’s what everyone joined in on. Too funny!

It was a beautiful day. I feel satisfied that we will treasure it always and I cannot wait to see the pictures!

Keep on keepin’ on

N ot much going on here. Wedding stuff mostly which you can see here. All my free time is spent consumed with the dwindling wedding to-do list.

I watched Bride Wars the other night. It talks about what the last few weeks are like before the wedding for some couples. We definitely are having our share of hiccups at this point. I am looking forward to our meeting with Pastor Tim to figure out the words for the ceremony itself. It should be very simple.

Here is Nora in a pair of my wedding shoes. She pulls out all of my shoes some mornings and tries them all on. She loves to here the clunk-clunk of the heels on the hard kitchen floor!
Nora gold shoes

Fast forward about 12 years and she really will be wearing shoes like this. Yikes!

Date Night

Whew, it has been a while since we’ve had a date night. Grandma came over (thank you!) and watched the kiddies. She does this for Jason (not me) and I’m pretty sure he’s her favorite. lol We went to dinner at Carrabba’s my very favorite place with yummy Chicken Bryan and the best Minestrone soup! We then met some friends down at the new little Vino place called Red Door Wine Market I had seen it recently, but have never stopped in.

It just opened at the beginning of December and is a great addition to that part of town. It is a bit on the outskirts of Downtown Lakeland, close to a vintage store and a bead shop. It turned out to be a fun alternative to dinner and a movie too.

It inspired us to think that after our wedding rehearsal, instead of dinner, we might could go there instead. They serve beer and wine, but also coffee and soda, along with great little pizzas and appetizers. It will be a while, but we will keep it in mind instead of the traditional rehearsal dinner. Plus, it is right down the road from the Terrace.

I was in such a bad mood today and couldn’t seem to shake it. It has been a rough week and it was lovely to have a break and go out with my honey. It’s also nice to be with him in such a different, yet comfortable setting because he tells me I’m beautiful and gets very lovey-dovey. :o)