Change of Scenery

This weekend we went for a quick trip up to North Carolina, but it wasn’t just to visit. Jason’s family has been looking at houses for us. We have been thinking of moving to the Franklin area for some time now and throwing around the possibility of moving away from Lakeland for even longer.

Jason’s dad Charley has been house hunting for us. A lot of the houses we saw were either too expensive or had things like god-awful wood paneling throughout the entire house. It has been both exciting and depressing with each new possibility. This week Jason’s dad sent us a really good possibility and we decided to come up and check it out. It was interesting to see in person some of the houses that looked really good in the picture, but once you saw either the neighborhood or the horrifically steep, mile long driveway you would have to climb daily you would (and we did) quickly change your mind. Here is a picture of the house we visited to see.

Here is the jockey that greets us as we pull in…

This guy scared me each time I got a glimpse of him while we were looking around.

I think the house is really cute and other than cosmetic changes, it is move-in ready. It has a steep driveway, but is at the end of a private road with just a few other houses. It sits next to a field that, according to the owner, has a good sledding hill. I took a little video of my walk down the driveway just to give you a better idea of the area.

It has 2 bedrooms and two bonus rooms. One is extremely long which we plan to split up and make a bedroom for Nora and a smaller bonus room, for the nursery. We are hoping to rip up the carpet in the front room, which has a large open floor plan and lay down hardwood floors. I’m so thankful that Jason’s dad is willing and more than capable of doing the renovations. It will make all of the difference.

It was a bit overwhelming for me to make this decision at first. It is a lot more house and a lot more yard to take care of, but one could argue that we need more room with our expanding family. Just thinking about all that needs to be done in order to sell our house let alone get a new house ready for us to live in makes me want to stick my head in the sand and wait for it to be over! All with a baby on my hip. ;o)

It also took the better part of the weekend to ease into the idea of living in such a small town as Franklin. On one hand I know that some part of me is calling out for a bit more simplicity in my life. Although I do enjoy my daily Starbucks runs and my almost daily treks to Target, I know that there is more to life then these superficial comforts. And hey, I hear they are building a Super Wal-mart (said with NC twang) in town! I know that I have Asheville close by if I am in need of a Starbucks and Target fix, but it will definitely be a “treat”.

This house has a huge yard with lots of trees for the kids to run around and explore in and a large porch that almost wraps around the entire house. I look forward to spending a lot of time there and wonder how the views will change with each passing season.

That thing at the end of the porch is a fire pit. The previous owners left it and the ping pong table. (Sweet! Can’t wait to make our first smores!) :o) Noah and Nora will be going to East Franklin Elementary which has only 400 kids total in the school and an 11/1 ratio for students to teachers. It has a good reputation. Franklin just built a new library (my other weekly habit) and I look forward to exploring it this Summer.

We will not actually be moving until the end of June. That gives us time to prepare and for the kids to finish school. We are all excited, scared, nervous, hopeful and until this weekend- hesitant. Now that we have chosen a home we can now take the steps to get us moved in. I’m looking forward to it. :o)

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