Chicken Squirrels a rare species


Jason tore down a shed or most of a shed yesterday. The kids and I helped by bringing some of the wood from the shed and throwing it on the fire pit. The fire was ridiculously large and super hot! I never noticed what a great little backyard we have if we could just get it cleaned up a bit, so that’s what I was doing. I started pulling down moss and cutting up vines and bush things that were attached to the trees. In all my digging I found an old wire fence that Jason had to help me pull out of the ground. He grabbed a metal pole (for a fence?) to use as leverage and took a moment to quote his father, something about give me a lever and I’ll move the world… Anyway. Out plops a black snake. We totally live in the boonies. We shoo him away and Jason is able to pull out most of the fence as it is getting darker and darker outside.

The neighbors have chickens, as I have mentioned before and the land is a bit woodsy. Jason got Nora excited about “gettin’ those chickens” by going for a little walk in the woods. They stumbled upon chickens in the trees! The chickens were walking around like they were born to roost on a branch! They were up pretty high too.

That brown speck near the top is chickens!
The chickens are up near that brown leaf at the top of the tree!

As the kids and Jason started their walk in the woods a little grey kitten (wildcat) popped out to see what all the commotion was about.

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  1. Is that the back yard? Where did all the trees go? Is that creepy rabbit cage still behind Marvins house? And be careful, there are dead animals burried back there, it might be haunted.

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