Chrismas time

As promised, we put up and decorated the tree the weekend after Thanksgiving. We had kept most of what we bought last year (which is totally unlike me) and I picked up a few things.

Lights, pinecone, Santa!
Lights, pinecone, Santa!

This is the first Santa thing I think I have ever bought. We don’t really “do” Santa. He is present though. I love to have pinecones around this time of year and candles too.

We had two stockings from last year that Jason’s mom made. They are now the kid’s stockings. :o) and I found two for Jason and I. He gets mittens and I get hearts. I would rather have made some, but that will be for another less busy year.

Jason's, Danielle's, Nora's and Noah's
Jason's, Danielle's, Nora's and Noah's

I am beginning to really enjoy the spot between the cabinets in the dining room. It’s a great little place for things like tiny Christmas trees with bunny angels on top!


Jason put up lights outside and I went out and finished (pretty much) getting the last few presents for the kids. I have them all wrapped and waiting patiently for the 18th when my family will come over and do Christmas for the kids. I hope it will be like this every year. It is nice to come home and see the decorations.

We went up to the mall on our date the other night to look around. Jason was on the phone with my mom who was having trouble with the TV and I wandered into the pet store. I would not say I am a dog person, but they seriously had some cute puppies! There was one in particular, a Maltese, that caught my eye. Jason continued to talk to my mom, so I decided to let the sales chick take her out to play with me. I blame Sheena for this… I totally just fell in love with this dog! She was so sweet and so cuddly. Of course the sales chick was happy to tell me all about the breed. Hypoallergenic, doesn’t need exercising, 12-14 years of life, no major health issues. Nice right?

I started thinking about it. I guess it never really crossed my mind that we could get a dog. The dog I have in mind is big and requires lots of room, but I think the kids would really enjoy a small dog. They do well with the cats. Do you hear me talking you into it? So not only am I getting baby fever with one or two more semesters of school to go, but now I find myself wishing for a little Corky running around! I should never have gone into that pet store! Oh well, it’ll pass or we may have a dog at some point in the future. I think I’ll name her Precious…

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  1. And I will say, DO IT! Maltese is a really good breed, the only thing you have to worry about is grooming, they must go to the groomers where as a bigger dog might not have to. But they are so lovable, and “precious”

    On another note, like the snow falling on your page.

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