Christmas 2017

This year the kids were here for Christmas day. We switch back and forth with their father every year, so one of us usually gets the first week of winter break and the other gets the last.

I’m always surprised that each year Christmas looks a little different. The decorations change a little, the food isn’t always the same, but my aunt and uncle came to stay over the holiday, so that didn’t change. It was one of those years, though that everyone was a little on edge (mercury retrograde?) and there was quite a bit of bickering (teenager?). I think the highlights were Christmas morning with the kiddos, playing games with my family and Jason being home and present. He’s been taking 4-6 classes each semester for the last three years, but he graduated in December.

We took the kids to Georgia last Friday to meet up with their dad, so this next week we only have Lorelei and Henry at home. It always gives us a little time while they are away to reevaluate our routines and spend some time with the two quietest kids. We miss them, but it’s an interesting change in perspective and Noah and Nora get a break from their full-time siblings.

I’m pretty sure the winning gifts were the LEGOs. Although, I’m enjoying Nora’s karaoke machine while she’s away.

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