My family did Christmas before Christmas because the kids weren’t gonna be here. My favorite part about watching the kids open up all of their presents was finding out that their favorite’s that I got for them were the simplest (and cheapest).
mini lego airplane

Broomstick unicorn

The adults draw names and my mom got me an awesome knitting needle organizer! It makes me so happy to have all of my needles safe and in one place.

Rockin' organizer!

Jason received a tool! Yay! It’s a cutter of some sort…*no clue* It was cleverly disguised in a wide box with holes cut in the bottom, so that no one, but the gift giver could figure out what was inside.

Who would have guessed?

This year was not the same as last, nor the year before that and I doubt that next year will look like this year. I think eventually we will get into a rhythm and I am grateful that at least we are always together.