Church every Sunday has become a great habit of ours. I started going to the one we go to now when Jason and I were dating. I would still call it “his” church. There have been some bumps and bruises this past year which happens in any environment involving people within community together and my commitment to this church has wavered a bit. Jason, ever loyal, has needed more time to wrestle with whether or not to stay at this church. We haven’t made the decision of leaving a church or choosing another church because that decision cannot be made flippantly.

We have shared our lives with the members. Our Pastor officiated our wedding and his wife threw us a lovely co-ed wedding shower. A lot of people feel that choosing to devote time and energy to a church is like a marriage. You don’t get divorced because of small clashes. Some issues you endure because, like marriage, the relationship with a church is ever changing. What is one way this month may be totally different the next, but deep values that do not align with your own, over time, will not change.

Rather than make any hasty decisions, we’ve decided to take a break. We don’t feel the need to go to church on Sunday, to ours or anyone else’s. This is also very strange for us, because we very much enjoy the routine of church on Sunday and for me, not going makes me fearful of backsliding (legalistic I know).

I’ve watched a podcast or two of different churches and we also visited a church in NC for a little flavor. Everyone is very proud of their churches and are quick to invite us places, but for now we spend time at home on Sundays. No rushing out the door or hurrying back for lunch or irritation. I’ve been a Christian for too long to think that I will ever turn my back on the faith and realized today that for a person who hasn’t been to church in a few weeks I ponder God often, pray, and seek his guidance. It sounds cliche’, but I don’t need to go to a building on a certain day to worship God. This realization is very freeing. While we were visiting the church in NC, I enjoyed simply being a part of a family of God. We were welcomed because we were Christians, and possibly fresh meat too lol. We were able to go to a strange church and worship the same God and be fed. It was nice. It also made me think about what the church represents for families. Over these past few weeks I’ve “tried on” the possibilities of other churches, but what I’m seeing is so stale and superficial that I’d rather stay home. Once again I feel as if we have too many choices nowadays. There are three churches that fit the “casual, community church” criteria in Franklin. I can’t even tell you how many there are in Lakeland.

And so we stay home. I’d rather take a break and get some perspective before we make any decisions and frankly I’m enjoying our time off. I think that going to church together became for me, yet another justification of our being a family. I’m not sure how long we’ll stay away or if we’ll go back to our church or find another. We will, however, keep growing as a family and keep loving God. That is good enough for me.

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