Co-parenting Years Later

I’ve been getting the itch to blog lately, possibly because my SIL started a blog and I’m enjoying it so much. Also, because SUMMER.

The kids did their month long stay at Patrick’s again this year. I think it’s their third consecutive year. Before that it was two weeks and a different wife or a different state or whatever, so the last three years have been mostly the same. The first summer was hard, because the kids were younger and they got used to “living” with their dad and then had to come home. Patrick and I have very different households. Not good/bad, just different. The second year was a slightly better transition, but still rough. This year; the kids are older, they missed stuff about our home and perhaps Patrick didn’t talk too bad about me or the kids have finally formed their own opinions, or we’ve also gotten used to the transion- possibly all of the above. They still miss their father, of course, but it’s no longer either/or, just a big picture of what our whole family looks like for them.

Right before I drove them down to Florida and dropped them at their dad’s house, we visited friends who were doing their annual camping trip at Montreat (North of Asheville). It was a great day!

I really enjoyed the month with just the littles. Last year was incredibly boring, maybe because they didn’t play as well together and Henry was still a toddler. This summer, they played together a lot, were kind to each other and Lorelei got to be the big sister. I also made sure we had something to do. I planned for us to do swim lessons, which were 8 afternoons over two weeks forcing us to get out of the house. That was actually really fun after the first lesson. The first lesson was torturous for everyone including the other swimmers that day at the pool.

August should prove interesting as well. Noah will be getting braces. We’ll be making the trek to Asheville three separate times this month and every other month for the next two years for him. The last trip to Asheville in the Kia with them broke me. I told Jason I could not do it anymore. The kids had quickly outgrown it and it was time for a bigger vehicle. I think Nora has shot up half a foot in the last year and Henry does not stay within the confines of his car seat especially when Nora gets upset with him for touching her. He thinks it’s hilarious actually. We went to three different dealerships and found a pretty sweet deal on a minivan, though I fought hard for a SUV or crossover. It was used, but only had a few thousand miles on it and was local. Now that the bigs are back, I’m settling into being a minivan mama again, but I do miss my Kia.

Happy to have them home again and all of us together.