Could you repeat that?

U ltrasound appt this morning didn’t go quite as planned. We went expecting to hear it’s a boy and lo’ and behold, it’s a girl! lol

Sadly, Noah and Daddy wanted a boy, but Nora and I really wanted a girl. :o) What’s really funny is that I had prepared myself for a boy and was actually getting excited about boy stuff! I just knew we were having a boy. I brought my mom along with me this morning and she had predicted a girl, but she was the only one.

We were all sitting in the office, me with my belly exposed, freezing with cold jelly spread all over, the other two taking pictures. The tech was pushing and the baby was kicking back and I really had to pee. We saw the head, the feet, as she was checking measurements and important stuff, all the while Jason kept asking if it was a boy. It was hard to watch his face fall as the tech said, “It’s a girl”, but I know he will love her. Thinking about arranging rooms, this way will be easier until we can find a bigger place. They have the cutest little girl stuff nowadays and I’m going to have so much fun shopping for a little girl! Yay!

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