County Fair

This weekend was so cool for two reasons: it is becoming Fall and Franklin hosted the Macon County Fair and it was free.

We visited the fair, with absolutely no expectations, on Friday night. It was packed! We parked at the ballfield and walked over (which was a nice little walk by a creek with a bridge and everything) and the first thing that hit us was the smell! lol Manure in all of its varieties!

The first animals we saw were lambs…dressed in costumes. Our favorite was the boy dressed in a wolf costume and his lamb as Little Red Riding Hood. We then moved on to cows and the goat and pig you could win in the raffle.


It turns out this is a fainting goat. I’ve posted this before, but it is silly funny:

We then went on to see the rabbits and the chickens. They had all kinds of chickens. There was a guy who accidentally brought a baby chick with him and we could hear it peeping along with the other bagauk’s of the hens and the cockadoodledoo’s of the roosters. It was getting cold out and he let the kids take a peek at it. The chick climbed right into their hands hoping to be cuddled close and kept warm. I bet this peep was sorry he followed his mama into her cage on the trip to the fair! lol


The other neat thing they had was a demonstration of a portable sawmill, which basically takes a tree and turns it into usable lumber. Pretty cool to watch.


I had Lorelei in the Moby for a while which kept she and I warm, but we put her little hat on her when we took her out. So cute!


Before we left we got to see a few donkeys, two mamas with their babies, and we had the audacity to walk through the hog aisle. UGH! I totally had to keep from puking, it smelled soo bad! The sad part was that once you went through you were trapped, so you had to turn around and GO BACK THROUGH AGAIN! AAGH! lol We were done after that and headed home.

We forgot to grab some cash for funnel cake! Oh, how I love funnel cake and since the fair was free, on Saturday we strode through again and got us two. :o)

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