This is what knitting now looks like; two to three rows while the baby sleeps -on me- trying my best while my arm slowly falls to sleep. It makes me wonder since my arms are constantly falling asleep, while holding her like this or at night when we are sleeping in the bed, whether I will have permanent damage with my circulation.

I now have a Flip which is a type of cover that uses the pad fold (not great for blow outs), a regular Thirsties cover which you have to use one of the aforementioned folds and what you see here is me knitting what is called a Soaker or quite simply, a diaper cover. As always I knit the pattern in a different gauge which made the soaker somewhat huge, but she’ll grow into it. :o) I hope to knit one or two more on the drive up to North Carolina this weekend, but we’ll see if that actually happens. I will also need to lanolize the soaker to make it somewhat waterproof. Here is baby girl snoozing away in her swing wearing her Soaker.


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