Crop Walk

W e have been extremely busy with preparations for the wedding, so we haven’t spent much time doing things as a family, so today we headed down to Lake Hollingsworth for the annual Crop Walk. We meet people from our church at First Presbyterian and there is normally a huge crowd there with music and lots of Crop Walk stickers and signs.

It was a beautiful day albeit extremely cold and windy! This year was spent walking with some of the Sizemore family and my mom came along too. Here are pictures from the hour-long trek:

Jason decided to scoop me up in front of everyone, which was scary enough, but then someone from our group had the bright idea to put Nora up there with me! I think we look a bit like a totem pole!

Crop walk totem 2010

The kids, my mom, Jason and I thought it would be a great idea to go and grab ice cream afterward, so we headed to the beloved Baskin Robbins. Banana Royale anyone? Yum! I snapped a quick pic of the three musketeers before we headed home.

Noah, Grandma and Nora
Noah, Grandma and Nora

It was nice to hang out with friends and family and get some exercise. We might try to do this more often, especially since Jason and I will be walking our booty’s off in NYC!