Cub scouts

Noah started Cub Scouts in January. There were two holidays, so he didn’t do much, but he did get the rules for his first Pinewood Derby Car Race.

I looked in the box for the “parts” and it had four nails, 4 wheels, and a wood block. Mmmkay. (I’m new to this) Jason explained that he and Noah would design the car and cut it out of the wood, paint and race it. My reply was “that is all you”.

We will find out tonight when the big race will be; probably not this weekend or the following Monday since it’s V-Day and President’s day. Have I mentioned how MANY days off they have in the school year? Craziness.

We had a student’s portfolio presentation the other night at Noah’s school. He writes in his journal almost daily sounding out words and writing the date. He has started to sound out words. It is so neat to watch him almost reading. He still gives up so easily, but is learning perseverance. I hope he learns to love reading as much as I do. I think there is a huge difference between a person who reads and a person who does not, even if it is simply the daily newspaper.

Noah just got home from his weekly meeting and tonight they built a birdhouse. We had just rolled pinecones in peanut butter and bird seeds, so I’m sure the birds will be excited to see more food!