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Wayah Bald

Jason and I have been to see his family a total of five times now. Driving to Ybor has taught me patience on a road trip, so this time we left a little earlier than usual and tried not to drive through the night. I think I actually did most of the driving this time which is highly unusual. It rained a lot and we knew this would be the last trip without the kids since Patrick had decided to up and move to PA. He thankfully waited until we got back from North Carolina. We took it easy, watching TV and movies like The Onion “Shoot your love all over me” eww. We found some new hiking trails and enjoyed breathtaking views. I found this little knit shop in downtown Franklin which got me full-out knitting! Yay! I still want to learn how to quilt, but I am not sure I will get to before the summer is over. The girls had to work most of the time that we were there, so we were mostly on our own. If we continue to visit and his parents stay in Franklin, I am thinking it would be really great to buy a small house up there. A small two bedroom that we shove all the kids in and stay for a few days. This (of course) won’t be for a few years, but it is a thought a-brewin’. It is very beautiful up there. A bit of country close to home. I think we are hoping to take the kids up to play with Jason’s family sometime this summer, but we don’t know when. Nora calls the new kitten Charley instead of Harley, so it makes me think of Jason’s dad a lot. “Where’s my Charley?” she says. Running from you! lol