Date Night

Whew, it has been a while since we’ve had a date night. Grandma came over (thank you!) and watched the kiddies. She does this for Jason (not me) and I’m pretty sure he’s her favorite. lol We went to dinner at Carrabba’s my very favorite place with yummy Chicken Bryan and the best Minestrone soup! We then met some friends down at the new little Vino place called Red Door Wine Market I had seen it recently, but have never stopped in.

It just opened at the beginning of December and is a great addition to that part of town. It is a bit on the outskirts of Downtown Lakeland, close to a vintage store and a bead shop. It turned out to be a fun alternative to dinner and a movie too.

It inspired us to think that after our wedding rehearsal, instead of dinner, we might could go there instead. They serve beer and wine, but also coffee and soda, along with great little pizzas and appetizers. It will be a while, but we will keep it in mind instead of the traditional rehearsal dinner. Plus, it is right down the road from the Terrace.

I was in such a bad mood today and couldn’t seem to shake it. It has been a rough week and it was lovely to have a break and go out with my honey. It’s also nice to be with him in such a different, yet comfortable setting because he tells me I’m beautiful and gets very lovey-dovey. :o)

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