Day and Night

Sometimes I feel like all I do is nurse the baby in what has become my little cave (my bedroom). The baby is almost one month old and my mind has starting to assess the situation and has started wanting to cultivate a good routine. We still nurse on demand and co-sleep, but it would be nice if we could get her to recognize that 130am is not a good bed time.

With the other two it is the same every night. Dinner, bath bed, rinse repeat. They go down perfectly with the only fight being who goes first for baths. We recently fixed that with a schedule and the game, “I’m thinking of a number between 1-10” on Monday nights for the tie breaker. I do not want to co-sleep forever either, so if we could figure out when she’s going to sleep we can help her to learn to sleep by herself as well. I have a feeling this is going to be difficult for me. I don’t like to put her down let alone let her self soothe as they say.

I was looking around my cave this afternoon and thinking, something has to change. After putting the baby in the Moby and starting to pick up and organize and then moving her to the swing I managed to get everything put away. After doing some reading I realized that there was no difference between our bedroom during the day and our bedroom at night and so I opened up all of the blinds and curtains and vacuumed as well as turning on her swing music, which we never do. Although she slept most of that time, I want her to realize that daytime means noise. Night time is the quiet time for sleeeeping. Please?

Once she falls asleep, it is usually a 3-5 hour stretch, twice hopefully, but I’m ready for bed around 11pm at least. I’ve been keeping myself preoccupied with season one of Fringe while she is very alert and not ready for bed at all. We will most likely give her a bath at night somewhat regularly and get up earlier, not letting her sleep in too late although it is soo nice after going to sleep at 230am! We will figure it out and thankfully, Jason doesn’t mind taking over when I am exhausted no matter what time it is.

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