Decisions Decisions

F irst things first- where are we having this baby and who is going to deliver it?

My first two babies were born in the hospital. Noah in Brandon and Nora in Titusville Pennsylvania. I went many hours before getting the epidural with Noah and wanted the epidural immediately with Nora. I liked and disliked many things about delivering in a hospital. In Titusville the hospital was small and I was the only one delivering that morning. I had the same nurse most of the entire labor and it was so quiet. I remember pushing and in between pushes a complete silence, as if everyone were holding their breath.

I have since developed an appreciation for doing things a more natural way. Eating organic produce and foods with less additives. Cleaning with products that I could eat if I really wanted to… Using products that are not harmful on my familily’s skin and hair. It makes sense that this would carry over into what I’d like for the new babies birth. We have a birthing center in Lakeland called Labor of Love I know of a few friends who have had their babies there and they loved it. The Midwives have been there for many years. I started going there before Patrick and I moved to PA and I liked it, but I think I will like it more now that I am older and understand what I want and the role of a midwife a little better.

Another thing I have been contemplating is cloth diapers. I had a difficult time with the chemicals irritating Nora in traditional diapers, not to mention the expense of diapers on a weekly basis. Cloth diapers seem to be making a comeback what with the impact on the environment (holy moly that’s a lot of diapers in the landfills) and I have gotten some very good information from friends who have used them (thanks Viv!). They can also be quite stylish. :o)

It’s exciting to think about all of this stuff. I’m still a little weary of a miscarriage though; I assume that’s natural, but with each subsequent pregnancy the odds get higher. I’m taking care of myself and can’t wait to tell the kids when they get home. Only 25 more days to go! I’m not counting down or anything…

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  1. You can also knit your own soakers, sew the inserts(a job for Jason), and babies are just so cute with those littles things on :-)

    Since I was with you when you were laboring Noah, I know you can totally do Labor of Love!

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